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Didim Region

Bölge Listesi

  •  en region mavisehir

    Bölge Açıklama

    Mavişehir is one of the most beautiful regions of my life, taking its name from the blue sea. The westernmost part of Didim has an opportunity to travel by road with a wonderful vi...

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  •  en region yeni district
    Yeni District

    Bölge Açıklama

      In the center of the new neighborhood was the part between the Republic neighborhood and the Efeler neighborhood.   The first settlement houses of the old type were taken to the ...

    29905 03
  •  en region fevzipasa district
    Fevzipasa District

    Bölge Açıklama

    Fevzipaşa neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods of Didim and is located between didim akbük as of its location.Didim industrial site and its surroundings are known as fevzipaşa ...

    22074 01
  •  en region denizkoy

    Bölge Açıklama

      The information about DenizKöy is prepared. ...

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  •  en region cumhuriyet district
    Cumhuriyet District

    Bölge Açıklama

      The Cumhuriyet district was the site between the new neighborhood and the industrial site.  Details and photos about    Cumhuriyet neighborhood will be prepared as soon as possib...

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  •  en region akbuk

    Bölge Açıklama

    The light of the Sun, live  AKBUK Aegean blue in yellow and green in hopes of blending Akbük will present to.  Releasing the Sun in the sky, like a bride, I never know how to go wi...

    42753 01
  •  en region sulubatak

    Bölge Açıklama

      Sulubatak location is the general name given to the area where the fields between mavişehir and yalıköy are located.  Some parts of the Sulubatak site are within the boundaries o...

    9999 01
  •  en region altinkum district
    Altinkum District

    Bölge Açıklama

      Although Altınkum neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods on the coastline of the village of Didim, the coastline of the coastline is called altinkum.  However, there are two pl...

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  •  en region yesiltepe

    Bölge Açıklama

    Greek Church  old Greek Church is still intact today was restored under the leadership of the Municipality since 2007, began to serve as a cultural centre and Library.  The Church ...

    26715 01
  •  en region balat

    Bölge Açıklama

      Balat is known as a settlement connected to Akyeniköy from outside. Balat village is very close to the ancient city of milet.   Click    balat village official facebook page to r...

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Where Is Most Beautiful Region In Didim

Where is the most beautiful region of Didim?

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