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    Didim is a touristic district of Aydın. It is a peninsula bounded by Muğla provincial border in the east, Güllük Gulf and Akbük Bay, Aegean Sea in the west and south, and Bafa Lake...

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  • /en/region/bozbuk

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      The region known as the region of the town was originally named after the village of bozbük, which is bound to the milas district of the mugla province. With the new newly built ...

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  • /en/region/yalikoy

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      The information about yalıköy is prepared. ...

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      Kazikli village Muğla is a coastal area connected to milas.  This area, which is listed as Akbük and Pakli district after Didimden, started to gain value after opening the area e...

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    Yeni District

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      In the center of the new neighborhood was the part between the Republic neighborhood and the Efeler neighborhood.   The first settlement houses of the old type were taken to the ...

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      Aydin, traces the history and civilization of the Aegean region, is one of the few places in the world. The accumulation of different cultures in the various phases of history is...

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      The Didim Kardelen region is a region that has taken its name from the snowdrop co-operative linked to the akynekiköy.  The settlement has not yet begun in this area, which is ju...

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    Efeler District

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      Efeler neighborhood is the neighborhood in the center of the old town just west of the new town.  Details and photographs about    Efeler neighborhood will be prepared as soon as...

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    Mavişehir is one of the most beautiful regions of my life, taking its name from the blue sea. The westernmost part of Didim has an opportunity to travel by road with a wonderful vi...

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  • /en/region/altinkum district
    Altinkum District

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      Although Altınkum neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods on the coastline of the village of Didim, the coastline of the coastline is called altinkum.  However, there are two pl...

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Where Is Most Beautiful Region In Didim

Where is the most beautiful region of Didim?

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