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  •  en news didim news kubalic artisan cooperatives reiterated confidence

    Haber Açıklaması

    Ali İhsan Kubaliç, the current Co-operative President who joined as the sole candidate for the Ordinary General Assembly of Didim Artisans and Craftsmen Credit Surety Cooperative r...

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  •  en news didim news visit to the artisans from the cooperative hospita

    Haber Açıklaması

    Didim State Hospital management honored Ali İhsan Kubalic, President of Didim Artisans and Craftsmen Credit Surety Cooperative, who contributed to the Center for Dental Treatment a...

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  •  en news didim news didim chamber of commerce and diksat from the gosp

    Haber Açıklaması

    TRT Music Program Director İsmail Peçen and Didim Culture and Art Association President Ersin Koçbaş visited the Chamber of Commerce President Ufuk DöverWith the contributions of D...

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  •  en news didim news didim local election results 2014

    Haber Açıklaması

    Results of 2014 local elections held in Didim on 30-03-2014 at 23:44AHMET DENİZ ATABAY CHP 9100UFUK DÖVER AKP 8935MUMIN KIMACI DSP 8086LEVENT İLTER MHP 8021SURMELI BAL HDP 2115SALİ...

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  •  en news didim news the decline in the price of bread in didim a citiz

    Haber Açıklaması

    250 grams of bread in Didim, 40 cents in some places, 50 cents in some places while the prices were being sold to reasonable levels of citizens were happyThe price competition amon...

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  •  en news didim news got three didim score the only goal

    Haber Açıklaması

    Regional Amateur League in Group 9 did not beat Deniz Konakspor'deki Belediyespor home 1-0 defeat.Didim got the first win of the second half of the season and met with 3 points.BAL...

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  •  en news didim news those pictures will be saved

    Haber Açıklaması

      8-thousand-year-old rock paintings five finger mountains there  the 8 thousand-year-old rock paintings five finger Mountains, Tan in gravel.  The German team is trying to save th...

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  •  en news didim news the indoor marketplace set up the tent in didim

    Haber Açıklaması

    The picture that was made by the Municipality of Didim and formed after the rains in a modern closed marketplace with a cost of 7 million did not change this year. Today, in order ...

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  •  en news didim news 1 amateur is the beginning of the excitement

    Haber Açıklaması

    Enlightenment 1 Amateur League and U 17 Amateur League matches will start at the end of the week. A total of 26 matches will be played in both categories.In the 1st Amateur Group, ...

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  •  en news didim news metropolitan mayor ozlem cercioglu announces proje

    Haber Açıklaması

    The intellectual Mayor Özlem Çerçioğlu, who does not appear in a long time and is exposed to serious criticism of the opposition, announced the most important project about Metropo...

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