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Didim Main Beachı,altinkum Beach

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  Didim Beach Turkey's Main Beach and is the world's leading are the golden sand to its name. Indeed, under the Sun's rays shining and radiant under which is similar to sand.    260-300 day Sun Altinkum is a seaside resort area around and the most important Beach in winter and spring seasons in Altinkum Beach even people sunbathing. I would say the development of marine tourism is one of the basic reasons Altinkum Beach summer is hard to find even at yeson seat.       

Altinkum beach umbrellas and sunbeds, a service provided by the municipality leasing facilities. 2012 season is the same as the sun beds and bed accessories need to pay £ 5 for one rental fee (i.e. a chaise lounge is an umbrella = 10 TL). Opening hour of morning after renting from 08 closing time is 7 so you can use sun loungers and umbrellas.    those who pay in Altinkum beach is a public beach, deck chairs and parasols, you can set up your own towels between areas are available. These fields are those from the beach by the way, way to be filled in are, unfortunately, therefore, when people from the Beach hot sand on the difficulty. We recommend you come to the beach in the early hours, close to the sea, you will allocate your place early.   

A beautiful location and the wonderful beach, even those with young children can safely to the sea. The beach is approximately 200-300 meters is the water level does not exceed the length of even even at the level of the knee in some places. But in the meantime, because of the tides in winter some sand dunes walking blanks suddenly can cause a panic in this space to see if it falls in falling. set just off the entry    Golden Sands taxi transportation from places close to problems with destination the company is paying between £ 10 to 20. Because a lot of people because of the parking problem during peak season cars despite of maids of honor with di wathing racing movies coming to bring the vehicle.

of course all the good side of the Altinkum beach is outside the municipality of unwanted traveling salesman problem, I say by not still been solved. Unfortunately, one at the bottom of your ear while you sleep Şezlongunuzda full cold water when yelling asymptomatic paljın entertainment.       

Altinkum Beach some information about: Didim Altinkum Beach near width 1606 m 
Altinkum beach is about as field: 24.103 m2 the distance from the Marina   
3300 m Altınkum Beach Didim   
altınkuım Beach and the distance between yeşilkent 4346 m distance to the beach   
Altinkum akbuk Center 20925 m the distance from the main beach of   
7457 m altınkum mavişehire the distance from the center of   
2580 m altınkum Beach Didim       

YEARS RECEIVED the BLUE FLAG    2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013   

Other national or International Certificates   



main beach in 2013 to Altinkum beaches mavibayrak sea water that is required for analysis results 


Didim Main Beachı,altinkum Beach Konumu

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