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Mercan Villas

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Mercan Villas Didim Akbükte A total of 4.800 sqm area is built on the sea.  In total there are 10 224 m2 net 278 m2 gross 5 + 1 villas. Beside this there are 5 shops + 1 restaurant.  
All materials used in our villa are first class.  
Our villas are made in 2 types, with and without pool. Optional pools can be built beside buildings built without pools.  
The entrance hall of the Akbük coral villas has a spacious lounge with separate kitchen and wc.  
The middle floor has 3 bedrooms, the upper floor has 2 large bedrooms, bathroom, large terrace.  
Properties of Villas  
 According to Earthquake Regulations  
Heat-Sound and Water Insulated  
Fitting system  
Radyel Base System + Building Inspection Control  
PVC + Heat Glass  
Project suitable environmental regulation  
Sunbathing terrace  
Garden automatic irrigation system  
Accessibility of disabled and children's car  
Control point + Site entrance door  
Total sea area of ​​4.800 m2 on the beach  
Detached 40 m2 pool in each villa  
10 units 224 m2 net 278 m2 gross 5 + 1 units  
10 shops + 2 restaurants  
Shower cabin + Hilton bathroom  
A quality fitting + A quality socket  
Plaster application on plaster  
Silicone Paint Application  
A quality Tiles application  
Heat Glass  
American panel Doors  
 You can call us for the villas for sale in the coral villas.

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