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Solmar Complex Didim

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Site Ad Description

Sol Mar means sun and sea in Spanish. The Sol Mar Site, which has always been acclaimed with Style, has been impressed with its interior design, the final touches and the result of careful and long work. Our site consists of 24 stylish apartments and duplex units, 10 minutes (pedestrian) to the city center, 5 - 10 minutes (car) to the sea  
Project Properties  
Entrance gate oval, triple lock system, steel  
Double rooms air conditioner is installed in living rooms  
Air conditioning line ready in the rooms  
Banyoda is fitted with electric water heater  
All of the bathrooms are covered with tiles  
All the bathrooms have European style toilet and washbasin  
Central satellite TV cable line is ready in the rooms  
The windows are double glazed PVC and the moldings are marble  
All interior doors American style  All the floor of the circle is completely covered with tiles  24 hour security camera registration system is set up  
24 hour security officers are available!  
Fire extinguisher  
Plaster processing in ceilings  
Kitchen units wooden and counter part marble processing  
The site is woven with iron embroidered walls around it  
Playground for children  
1 adults; There are a total of 2 swimming pools for 1 child  

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