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  the corporate membership in 2011, then his reference to regional offices, resulting in positive D-Marin Didim, Professional yachtsmen may obtain as a regional Office of the Association of super yacht services to further upgrade the standards.   126 enterprise, Captain and a member of the Professional yachtsmen yachtsmen may obtain 1250 Association professional to maintain the highest standards for yachts and Yachting industry aims to increase awareness and quality.   70 m 576 400 ton travel lift, binding and slept with a black park bed capacity 600, experienced team and the quality of the services offered by the Mediterranean's most comprehensive yacht maintenance, repair and wintering serves as the center of D-Marin Didim; Turkey's most popular tourist and Yachting destination located just one hour to Bodrum location, yacht owners continues to be the favorite.   D-Marin Didim as of May 2009,    D-Marin Didim, all concrete coated 80,000 m2, total 600 boat berthing capacity of the 60 m x 15 m the two Hangar building began to serve with boat enthusiasts. with a capacity of 400 tons of Turkey's highest capacity travel lift is featuring the D-Marin Didim has a large number of technical experts in the field, each with their own workshop.   D-Marin Didim, in the work of all the technical infrastructure and superstructure, built with 100% environmentally sensitive approach. Marinada natural circulation canals, waste oil and bilge stations, domestic waste collection station, solid waste such as parsing stations as environmental protection and pollution-prevention systems.   D-Marin Didim has different lengths of 8 meters and 70 meters boats, med-mooring system can be connected to the Marina. Especially safe berth and çekilebilme land-strapped to the 30 meter boats, 580 mooring capacity D-Marin Didim Marina, was a very important address.A total of 500,000 m² built on Marina, Yacht Club, heliport, 400 and 75-ton travel lift, 100-ton trailer yacht supplies, shopping mall, bank branches, a swimming pool, SPA, fitness center and sports fields, fuel stations, restaurants and yacht owners on land offers much more than they could together.    D-Marin Didim, with both location and technical infrastructure features just for boats floating in Turkish territorial waters, but also the entire Mediterranean basin, boat owners a very privileged aims to address. 

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