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Didim is a touristic district of Aydın. It is a peninsula bounded by Muğla provincial border in the east, Güllük Gulf and Akbük Bay, Aegean Sea in the west and south, and Bafa Lake and Menderes River in the north. The surface area is 402 km. According to the results of the 2000 Population Census, there are 37. 395 people living in the province, 3 municipalities and 5 villages.

The first settlement traces of the district of Didim extend to the Neolithic Circuit (8000 BC). M. Ö. In the 16th century, the presence of the Mycenaean, Crete, and later the Aka Colonies is visible. After the Persians, Romans and Byzantines, after the war of 1071 Malazgirt, the gates of Anatolia were opened to the Turks. After the 1st Crusades, it was again handed down to Byzantium. After 1261, the establishment of the Menteşe Principality in Karia took Didim and its environs into this spirit.

In the Ottoman Empire period, he continued his existence with the name 'on the earth'. After the earthquake of 1955, the disaster which was built by the state of the province called 'HiSAR' among the people was named after 'YENIHİSAR'. Later, in order not to give a lean to name similarity, it was replaced with 'DIDIM' from 'DIDYMAION' as blueness and root in only one place in the world.

Until May 9, 1990, Didim and its surroundings were part of the district of Söke, but Akbük, Ak-Yeniköy and Balat, Batıköy, Denizköy and Yalıköy villages and Akköy districts were taken from the districts of Akbük, Batıköy, Denizköy and Yalıköy. In 1999, the name of the district of Yenihisar was changed to Didim.

The county economy is based on agriculture and tourism. Wheat and cotton are the first crops of field crops. Animal husbandry is enough to meet the consumption needs, especially small cattle breeding is leading.

In the summer months, a significant number of tourists visit the province, the economy is affected positively.

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