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Didim Market Rental Conditions

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  1. RESERVATION REQUEST and PAYMENT CONDITIONS:    If you have reservation request you can contact our customer relationship period and must be confirmed via e-mail or phone. The confirmation email sent to the customer's e-mail account with the booking confirmed. But in some cases the reservation needs to be replaced by the customer is informed and DİDİM MARKET new alternatives are offered to the customer, if the customer does not approve this alternative and paid the price paid by the customer, the customer shall be returned without interruption. The applicant's entry date 1 gun before reservation fee must be paid to complete the MARKET in DİDİM. Payments must be made to the bank account MARKET in DİDİM. Payments can also be made with credit card, optionally. In case of credit card payment, subsequent to payment, DİDİM MARKET destroys the credit card information, and there is no way to go on the record. Credit card payment options are offered to you from your own bank or customer representative by phone.   

2. RESERVATION DEĞİŞİKLİGİ OR CANCELLATION: When it comes to the change    Booking cancellations of reservation must be notified at least 15 days before the date. If the reservation will be postponed to a date if he did; DIDIM MARKET, according to the State of residence reservation request gets if the object is suitable for reservation housing booking period, delays the time desired date in this case will not be any interruption from customer demand but also paid the rent deposit is not refundable.   

3. ELECTRICAL AND WATER: unless otherwise specified in the    Home dirt anyway, so the electricity and water is included in the price. 21 days/nights or more in electricity and water use within the period left off customers pay for it. Read the customer counters of the entry and exit of the home. The difference by the unit price multiplied by the price deducted from the deposit received. For stays of less than this time period not paid this price but customer electricity and water consumption is expected to be sensitive about. More in non-normal limits excessive usage user fee is requested from customers.   

4. INPUT-OUTPUT HOURS (CHECK-IN, CHECK-OUT): the input and output of    Houses for hours is not specified input (Check-in) after 16:00, departure (Check-out) is at 10:00. In the meantime, the remaining time frame houses and is reserved for the next customer entry but will rent the dwelling when appropriate, late check-out or early entry is allowed. Apart from this, the tenant is obliged to make out at the specified time. Late check-out if it was done the losses which may arise out of this situation is committed to pay. 

  5. DAMAGE DEPOSIT: damage deposit is required from customers    DİDİM MARKET does not demand, if the landlord is notified to the customer and customers that have requested their own responsible for the damage. In case of damage damage must be reported to the MARKET in DİDİM. Damage cost is deducted from the deposit made damage deposit payment has not been made, the customer will be provided by the   

6. CLEANING:    all the homes are delivered clean upon arrival, cleaning fee unsolicited is likewise asked to be returned clean.   

7. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:    Special requests and we will do our best to meet your request, but we regret that we cannot guarantee to    CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES: in closed living spaces    Dwellings certainly smoking. Pets are not accepted any housing units that will rent. Maximum number of people for each housing was mentioned on our website. Should not be specified in the contract, no one else in the House, except for the people who rented a House for the Customer on the booking form must not exceed the number specified on our website and/or people. Customer is responsible for the information given. The information given by the customer are considered true in cases where otherwise responsible for customers. Customer (s) holiday residence rented all possessions and furniture are authorised.   But all the equipment clean and must take care to use without damage. Be informed of any damage in DİDİM rather than MARKET. It is recommended that you make a travel insurance to customers, in the case of the customer's valuable belongings stolen DİDİM MARKET does not accept responsibility in any way. In the case of burglary must give information to DİDİM customers MARKET according to a review of the police or gendarmerie dwelling area must allow to do. In case of damage: damage caused by Customer by    customers paid with free damage deposit will be deducted from the amount of damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, however, exceeds the part demands from customers. The customer shall be deemed to have accepted in advance the situation.    You should note that a leased dwelling Home Customers, residential public morals and regulating the additive put life of Cumhur Turkey owner can't move against the law. Otherwise DİDİM MARKET rental contract unilaterally without refund of fes and the customer is entitled to ask the eviction from housing. 

 • DİDİM MARKET guarantees that the customer will deliver the leased housing in a manner to meet the leasing expectations. If there is a situation in which the housing can not be delivered due to the concentration of working conditions, DİDİM MARKET offers the customer another alternative of housing, when the house is ready, the customer is placed in the residence again and no fee is charged to the customer.
  When there is an extraordinary situation (War, Natural disaster, social upheaval, terror) during the rental period and the customer has to leave the premises before the end date of the rental period, there will be no money matters and the customer will accept this situation in advance Accepts and declares that this situation can not be claimed if it occurs.

I declare that I am over 18 years old and accept the terms of the rental contract company. This agreement guarantees that the house will not be rented to anyone else on such dates. In case of Disaster and Coercion before the contract date, this contract will be invalid. Didim courts are authorized in case of dispute. 

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