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Ancient City Of Ephesus Tour

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Duration: Daily
Accommodation: None
Date: Thursday - Sunday
Minimum Maximum Group: 4 - 44
Tour Price: 100 TL

The ancient city of Ephesus is one of the most demanded areas of tours organized by Didim Altinkum every Thursday and Sunday.
The distance between Efes and Didim is 80 km and the journey will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from Altinkum to Efes antique city.
At around 8:30 am, our company is ready to pick you up at your meeting places in front of you at the meeting places mentioned before and ready to move around 8:45 am.
During the journey to the ancient city of Ephesus in Didim, a break of 20 minutes is given after about 1 hour.
Immediately after the rest of the facility, the antique city of selçuk in Izmir is transferred to the antique city where the guide gives information in the city and starts to visit the ancient city.
Within the ancient city of Ephesus, especially after giving the necessary information about the library, antique theater and other details, we give the questions a certain amount of time for answering and taking photographs and giving time to meet in the specified area.

At around 14:00 hours, lunch is given for lunch at the most beautiful restaurants in the city. The meal takes about 1 hour and in the meantime our customers can choose and eat the food they want.
After lunch, after 15:00, Artemis goes to the temple and then to selçuk county. After spending about 1 hour here, a gathering like 16:00 is held and Selcuk starts to return to Altınkuma.

All our customers are left at the time they want and our tour program is completed.

Ephesus Antique city tour is at the beginning of history and culture tours. Ephesus antique city which is one of the oldest and biggest metropolises of history has found 250 thousand times and it will definitely be a great day trip tour for you to see in a residential area like selöuk .

Prize Included: Lunch - Reher - Ephesus Entrance
Fiyata Not included: All Drinks - Breakfast - VAT

Daily touring activities in Didim Altinkum, Ephesus ancient city tour can only be done by tourism agents.
I. M. X TOUR (Agency No: 5761)

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