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Boat Tours To Akbük

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Didim boat tours are made by the boats that have been anchored in the small harbor on the golden coast. This area, which is directly opposite the municipal tea park on the Yal'anti, also has over 20 boat trips in summer.

The craft usually pick up the limousine customers between 10 am and 10:30 am and make preparations for their departure and leave the port as soon as 10:45 pm.

The boats usually follow a common route and take the road from the golden beach front to the direction of the aqueduct. From the medusa which is the biggest night club of my life, the palm wings start the daily boat tour with the hotel openings.

The boats have capacities from 30 to 80 people by capacity and seating for all guests is available on the boat.

Early arrivals can find suitable places in the upper part of the craft if they have not already booked in advance.

Lunch on boat tours usually starts at 1:00 am after the anchors are anchored at the greenkent openings.

While the boat is on the boat, the boat staff prepare a menu for the guests in the kitchen, consisting of pasta, chicken and salads. Food on board is free, but drinks are extra and not included in the meal.


The boat trip ends at about 4: 5 - 5: 00 and the boat returns to the limousine on the golden beach, following the return route.

One of the important details to keep in mind when returning is that guests staying in a sunny environment all day can not be directly exposed to the wind that is on their way back.

If you are exposed to this thermal shock, you may have to complete the rest of your holiday with a health paral- lem like a cold.

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