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  The aegean coasts are decorated with endless numbers of marine life. Even experienced divers are amazed by the diversity and numbers of these marine creatures, even as they compare the migrants to other places.
 The Didim koel is an interesting place for divers as tidal as the presence of hot and cold currents and almost no strong currents. With a sight that never falls below 25 m, divers can enjoy all the marvels of submarine life; Parrot fish, aquariums, barracudas, caterpillars and grouper, octopus, seal fish and sea turtles. There are many safe gulfs for those new to scuba diving and it creates a stress free and excellent environment for scuba diving.
 The plunge tours are under the supervision of experienced diving teachers and their licenses are approved by Turkish and International authorities. Throughout Turkey, tubed diving is permitted only in the context of plunge guides licensed by the state. The courses are not only seasonal, but are taught by professional diving teachers who can speak certificates in English, German and French and can give certification courses for all levels of the federations such as PADI, CMAS and BARAKUDA, which are well known throughout the world.
 Note: Most of the underwater antiquity is under territorial law protection. This is why only a professional dive guide is allowed to dive. 

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