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It Snowed For The First Time After 30 Years Of Didim

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Aydin, Didim district after 30 years of snow.  Snowfall to Didim Akbük Akköy, Balat and connected with the Town, while effective in Osmanbey thickness 3 cm snowfall up to the people of the region on delights.  

 Didim, 30 years later, it snowed.  All dorms are effective snow Didim Akbük Akköy, Start with the Town and is connected to the Osmanbey is effective in surrounding villages and towns in the mountains while the white table cloth.  Snowfall is closing routes while Yalıköy downtown rooftops covered with snow.  The maximum snowfall children happy, while the snow producers.  Didim town centre and does not take effect when the snow In Akbuk profit starting in the morning instead of the wet weather.  

 Snowfall is in effect since last week in Didim Plain flooded precipitation followed by snow of the manufacturers.  Didim Chamber of Agriculture President Bahattin Ganguly, many years later, stating that ' falling snow with heavy rain as a result of the plain of Didim floods damage to cultivated areas.  This year's barley, wheat and oats, cultivated areas were flooded.  Was this day snowfall.  About 3 cm at the base snow.  This snowfall is often the sign of next year will be Fertile.  As the tourism district in Didim, saw the snow.  We're happy we would be a year of joy and hope, he said.  

 Ganguly after the last rainfall flooded left highlighting Didim Plain as a result of the precipitation, the cultivated areas under water 1 meter 50 centimeters from time to time.  Live in a fertile year in terms of this year's Olive also indicates that the Gao in the coming years, olive a fertile year ' I think it will be, on the one hand süzüntülü AE soil, on the other hand under water, it's snowing we have joy.  We also support for the rest of the fields flooded.  Tespitlerimizi.  We'll forward it to the relevant institutions, he said.  
 Didim connected Adamson in Santiago's citizens with his daughter aft

er snowfall snowman while they Smoke the first time he saw his wife
 30 years later and trying to enjoy your wife with her daughter.

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