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Visit To The Artisans From The Cooperative Hospital In Didim

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Didim State Hospital management honored Ali İhsan Kubalic, President of Didim Artisans and Craftsmen Credit Surety Cooperative, who contributed to the Center for Dental Treatment and Prosthesis with a plaque.

Didim Artisans and Craftsmen Credit Bail Cooperative President Ali İhsan Kubaliç was honored by the administration of Didim State Hospital. The ceremony at the hospital Didem State Hospital Deputy Chief Dt. Gülay Yıldırım, Deputy Chief of the Hospital Cihangir Altun, Didim Craftsman and Artisans Credit Bail Cooperative President Ali İhsan Kubaliç, Hospital Director Cengiz Bayar, Municipal Assembly Member Figen Gürsoy and Deputy Chief of Hospital Semra Yilmaz attended.

Speaking at the ceremony, Didem State Hospital Deputy Chief Dt. Gülay Yıldırım 'We will provide some investments in the functioning of our hospital with the contribution of our philanthropic citizens and organizations apart from our own budget resources,' said Ali İhsan Kubalic, Head of the Credit Surety Cooperative of Didim Esnaf and Sanatkarlar, 'It is one of the most sensitive names for this kind of assistance to my hospital. Our cooperative has been a valuable contributor to our dental treatment and prosthodontic center in our garden area, which was opened in early September 2011. We would like to thank Mr. Ali İhsan Kubalic personally for the entire cooperative management board and its members, 'he said.

Didim State Hospital Director Cengiz Bayar thanked the Co-operative President Ali İhsan Kubaliç for his contributions to the hospital in every period and for his sensitivity.

Ali İhsan Kubalic, Head of the Didim Craftsmen and Crafts Credit Surety Cooperative, said that the aid was made with the contribution of all the tradesmen and said 'We will continue to support our aid every semester, we are always ready to support'.

After the speeches Didem State Hospital Deputy Chief Dt. Gulay Yildirim gave a plaque to President Kubalic.

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