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Response From President Kamaci Infrastructure

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Didim Mayor Mimun Kamacı evaluated the ongoing editing work in Altinkum Beach at the weekly press conference. In addition to the Chairman Kamacı, Deputy Mayor Ahmet Karaoğlu, Director of Science Affairs Aynur Gönül and Director of Private Penalties Şahap Gönül participated in the meeting.

Referring to the works on Yalı Caddesi, President Kamacı said, 'Working on the Yalı Caddesi continues at the fastest pace, but we are waiting for the other institutions to do the technical work, we want to give machine equipment, then we start work again. So we are doing half a Yamalak because of our works.There is a demand from them but every institution will do their own work.After 5 days soil tightening work will be done and concrete will be laid but it has been 15 days.Unfortunately the institutions can not reach our speed.

Mayor Vice President Ahmet Karaoglu invited Yalý Caddesi shopkeepers to be sensitive once again to their workplaces and said, 'We are doing a good job here, our craftsmen are preparing their shops nicely in this sense.


President Kamacı stated that they will start to work on superstructure and by March 2013 they plan to lay 200,000 square meters of paving stones. 'These works Yeni Mahalle 824 street and next, behind Old Adliye, streets of Cumhuriyet Caddesi and streets leading to Şehit Rıdvan Çakır Caddesi, The top of the hospital will be made up of the remaining sections of the hospital.They are planned to last for 5-6 months.Apart from this, Aegean Street, İnönü Boulevard, Adnan Menderes Boulevard (Port road) and Atatürk Bulvarının bottom will be hot asphalt.

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