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Didim Chamber Of Commerce Uzaklastirma Duty By The Wound

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  Didim Chamber of Commerce's February parliamentary meeting was held. There was an oral argument when the situation of the 3 personnel detached from the press meeting was discussed.
 February Assembly of the Didim Chamber of Commerce was held. Before the meeting, a vote was held on whether to hold the meeting open or closed, and it was decided to hold the meeting in closed form. Before the meeting began, only the photographs were allowed to be photographed, but after the journalists were photographed, the meeting was held closed.
 Then Assembly Speaker Umit Soneren opened the meeting. Chairman Ufuk Döver Chairman of the chamber and 22 members of the parliament while attending, Veysel Ece'nin members of the Assembly because of the meeting was not attended because of the city was seen. In the second article of the day, the report of the examination committee of the examination of the room budget and final accounts of 2011 and the accounts was discussed. In the third article of the day, the report of examination committee of examinations and accounts of room accounts for February 2012 was discussed.
 In the fourth article of the agenda, the ATI chamber activity report was discussed in February and March 2012. In the fifth article of the day, interviews were held on the room staff who were removed from their posts due to disciplinary inquiry initiated by the chamber administration board. Hilmi Erbaş, the member of the Chamber of the Assembly, participated in the meeting and the meeting followed Erbas' lawyer and his colleagues.
 After more than 2 hours after the chamber assembly meeting, no explanation was given about the matter, but Erbas and accompanying figures left the room after the meeting. There was also no explanation about the content of the issue, which was also addressed by the Chamber of Deputies. 

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