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BÖLGE: # Aydin

Bolge İlan Açıklaması

  Aydin, traces the history and civilization of the Aegean region, is one of the few places in the world. The accumulation of different cultures in the various phases of history is an open Museum.       

This land dating back to 7000 BC, the year date of the first who are the people? Where are the presence of how? These questions bring clarity handmade records we have available. This 5000 years Bc in 3000 BC, short village culture City-States in culture. The new arrivals since 2000 BC Government contributes to the Anatolian culture by establishing their presence.       

14 BC. and 12. century dispersed all over the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean folk communities of ethnoses in the Aegean coastline came up. Kingdom of the Hittite Empire as a result of this migration, Trojan, Mycenaean colonies were destroyed. The Aeolians and İİonlar of this tribe in Western Anatolia, yerlesti in large and small Menderes Plains and founded the 12 coastal city within the Kingdom of Lydia, the site was developed in these cities called maritime trade. Politics, art, science, philosophy, architecture, they created the socio-cultural activities in the field.       

the Lydian period, city of Caria and Cilicia of Tralles, Iran, Syria, and the far East and trade goods gathered from competent is sent to the distribution center. Also in the Valley of the Büyük Menderes Yusif placed in Greece from Miletus products, Rome, Egypt and the Phoenician was exported to. Indeed, the Lydian, both their own resources have to collect taxes in the region lagging economy. It was first minted money to countries all over the world.       

the Phrygians, the first major Empire in Anatolia. In the year 1200 BC to the plateau above the great Menderes, yerlesti. A packed-sandstone glacis is from the Phrygians Trak Iiliryalılar's passing from Straits they came upon sal dirısı, Hittite Kingdom of blunders.    lonians in the year 1200 Bc of Gediz and Büyük Menderes Plains because they were the most important of the city was the city of Miletus established. Ionians in philosophy they made significant progress. Math and astronomy scholar suggested that all the water main Tales elemt; The war between the Lydians and Modyalılar solar eclipse event on previously calculated. The other Anoksimandros, a beginning Madden   immensity-infinity.  

  5 BC. century as a result of the invasion of the Persians from Iran of Eastern culture with Western Anatolian cities of Greco-Persian called the-new the-original the-cultural synthesis occurred. The Lydian King Croesus in 546 BC, the Persian King Kyros (Kruger) lost the war with the Kingdom of Persia connected to the cities of the İon. Persians hosgörüsüz colonies of ties of cities with their behavior. 500 BC, began in confusion. Alex of Mekadonya in the region of the Persians, Alexander the great continued and until the Hellenistic period was started. During all these invasions of Tralles was used as military bases due to the position of the focal. Bc 2. The remaining area under the Roman century management, economic, trade and cultural areas showed significant improvements. The Romans adopted the local culture, sources, routes and ancient cities in the region with the development of trade, especially in Ephesus, Miletus, a student delegation, Aphrodisias was the large monumental structures, the co donatildi.           

M.S. 4. At the end of the century the Roman Empire split in two as a result of separation of the other words of the Eastern Roman Byzantine Anatolia completely egemenliginde. Ancient temples, theatres, defence tower of the Church into türüldü. The flat areas of the cities near high walls protected. Ramsey student delegation according to clear areas, here is your tea, brought a drag Tak yiginlarinda formed upon a hill. In such an environment, 10th CENTURY. with the ongoing Turkish migration from rural areas from Turkmen found almost bosalmis.       

a systematic conquest of the early period in Anatolia Turkish colonization other than small and large migration came to Anatolia with local rural groups of compromise and share of economic resources. Kalacaklarini international trade ulasmadikça the seas outside the Turks saw the dirt surrounding the Anatolian peninsula by sea got through to foreign kusatma. At first, the youngest of central authority throughout the migration to the region that the Latins, Thompson community with new arrivals, they came face to face with a period where between. Thus a certain name (Principality) and the Anatolian coast of the Aegean Sea under the flag of political and economic power they met that Turkmen maritime.    Allen of rulers of culture, art and science are given top priority to life. In the present once a mosque, madrasa, mausoleum and various architectural monuments, such as the addition of the present once a library located in valuable manuscript is in the works. Aydınoğlu, 14. In the 4th century b.c. joined the Ottoman Empire by.     

  The last period of the Ottoman Empire in Western Anatolia under Cheng  Eaton . Usually, either individually or in groups in the Aegean into rural living, honest people are bold. Or elected to power ' Ebenezer   Zai  and ' Kizan ' name with Natalia. Don't patronise 10 century started with the end of the Yusuf Pasa is known, 17 century also Pointed Basnet, 19th century and 20th century Memet and finally the Bald Extravaganza Yörük Ali. deserve This spot of injustice, and Eberle on the grounds that Government sizliga Baig subrat Kumar armed activist. Take from the rich and gave to the poor, yıllarinda national struggle Kristiansen and wrong warriors olmul. The national struggle against occupation of the area of the region yıllarinda Yunanlilarca patriotic soldier, Allen and the clergy invited to homeland defence and the efe Yörük Ali Efe group olusturulmuş. A small number of his entourage entered the fray of Greek soldiers scattered Yoruk Ali Efe in conjunction with Dave Eastburn and his retinue showed a growing resistance and providing them to back the Greek troops have been very effective. Enemy invasion, Liberation Day September 5 Kuk, Nazilli, September 6, 7 is celebrated with ceremonies each year in September.   

Districts: Merlin, Thas, Çine, Didim, Germencik, Incirliova, Karacasu, Karpuzlu, Knowles, Kiosk, Kusadasi, Kuyucak, Nazilli, Söke, Sultanhisar, Roxby Downs.   

Geography    Allen, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, located in the middle of the historical triangle, Turkey's agriculture, industry and foreign trade, together with the tourism activities of the economy is the most advanced regions in the Aegean region.   

Allen, since the first Ages the fertile lands of the province of climate, trade routes has been an important localities because of the presence of Center. History of various civilizations in the crib, you still late today, carrying the traces of deep is one of the beautiful köselerimizden abroad. The intensity of agricultural activities and diversity today, tourism has a very huge importance of finding provincial increases steadily.   

Allen, West of Anatolia, the Aegean coast in the Southwest section of the Aegean region of Turkey. It is bordered to the East of Denizli, İzmir, Manisa, Mugla and is placed in the Centre of the Aegean Sea from the West to the South. North and South Mountain, hilly, two-part between two hand sınırlanmis by faults and later with a a young depression area of Büyük Menderes örtülmüs yeralir. 1. degrees earthquake area have remained exposed to the region many times destructive earthquake. Its area is 37-38 km2 with northern latitudes 8,007 27-29 East longitude is between the. Population according to the Census, 2012 1, 006, 541.


  Tourism the second most important after the    tourism, agriculture is a source of income.    Allen County-Aydin Yoruk Ali Efe Museum and ethnography Museum, Museum of Aphrodisias and Karacasu Ethnography Museum, Museum of Miletus, Çine Kuva-I Milliye Museum, Museum of Beekeeping and Nazilli Ethnography Museum including China 8 Museum with 21 important ruins.       

Important nothing special of Aphrodisias (Tunbridge Wells), Alabanda (China), Alinda (Watermelon), the Temple of Apollo (Didyma), Did (to China), Harpasa (Nazilli), Magnesia (Germencik-partners), Mastaura (Nazilli), Miletus (Didim), Nysa (Sultanhisar), Priene (Soke), Tralleis (Aydin).   

78 000 beds in the facility of approximately 680   . In addition, our district in our district in Didim, Kusadasi 54,000 42,000 summer homes. 5.5 million tourists in 2011 the District of Aydın. View Dilek peninsula National Park (Kalamaki), Kusadasi and Didyma are important coastal beaches.   

Localism    Allen, in the province of Western Anatolian Turkish accent used position within the mouth of Prof. Dr. Leyla Karahan geographical information classification of Anatolia (Turkish language Association publications: 630, Ankara 1996) according to his work is as follows:   

The Western Anatolian mouth group    Economy    in the Ottoman period Allen Economy    Seen in the Byzantine period similar to the one of doing dark centralist, Ottoman Empire administration system. Management of land and businesses in the surveillance and was a great photo by bureaucrats. Large cities also met traders, SAMA called loan sharks, has, in the hands of the fief and timar owners capital they possess. But the State controls and this capital he could the confiscation. This is private property, blocking the development of private investment and entrepreneurship, the capital, was buried under the soil with the cube.       

view in the early stages of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa, Edirne and Istanbul later carried over, as in the Byzantine period, the rates of capital and investment yönlendirmisti Marmara, Black Sea and Thrace. During this period the Western Anatolian port of the recently issued Latin traders imtiyazlarina, upon which the Hellenic and Roman Antiquity and Medieval Genoese and Venetians, of that international trade is largely developing Ephesus, Miletus, Foca and İzmir port cities, such as one by the village dönüsmüslerdi. Seljuk and Beylik period with productive and vibrant structure from the Menderes Valley products, early Ottoman Palace and demand interest of çekmisse, international kopmasi, economic potential of the relationship is largely a closed economy and import loss return olmultu cause. This means the big and centuries of Gediz Valley Alluvium was keep the world with.   

All these adversities, consisting of Ottoman Empire from many countries had their own in markets and that markets vigor retained for a long time.        

  Evliya Çelebi, Aydın region agricultural wealth completely interchangeably for Kusadasi; “ ... And b dried grapes and figs and the garden and ends with a type and is dry and fistiki sanavberi and meskunda have enough to say to rub there is no almonds Memduh Splendors of kati vafir, and no is müteka and blessings. " He is the author. Evliya Çelebi, Allen paint s çarsisinda 70 piece dye, Denizli and thousands of other places here load brought cloth, sort of kind of dyes boyalandigini, also 200 PCs Batte tokmagi writes that the store got shot.           

9. century, is rooted in the Ottoman Empire lived amendments and with the West as a result of the production and trade integration and initiatives desteklenmis, international trade killer s. baslanmisti to. With the effect of the physical geography of Western Anatolia, in the region in this process the collection Center came to the fore, İzmir. The western coastal city of İzmir, the population and migration to trade here, along with the foreigners own the great artists. Izmir in 1847, while foreign 17584 1860 28352 ' ye. During this period, the Ottoman trade volume four times. If you need to express in figures; in the year 1842 59742 tons of acorns to England, 14771 tons of raisins, 955 tons of cotton is being exported with tons of opium-7586, in 1876 these figures, respectively 601266, 361910, 221703 and ulasmisti to figures as high as 12350 tons.   

Economic vitality by railway (1853)        the most prominent in the development of the economic structure of Aydın province name, Aydin-İzmir railroad. Beginning of the American civil war the British textile industry of the need to meet the cotton Market looking Western Anatolia and İzmir railway bridge over the getirmistir agenda. in 1853, Robert Wilkin named their limitedvulnerability of a British railway started construction and finishing related initiatives submitted by the railway company and gave 7 June 1866 at 133 km of Aydin-İzmir railway operation switched on.       

This modern transportation line was the beginning of a new era for the menderes Valley, transportation costs were reduced and thus region v per km 500,000 pounds a year in savings for fulfilled. all expenses of the province of Aydın karsilandi 1877, after the Treasury was the money because the average year 770,000 pounds aktarabilmekte. that income total Government 1910 1,700,000 pounds and revenues down ulasmisti.   
Republic before Allen's economy (1890)  
  Salname woven in 1890 in writing poetry, with white and colored silk cloth were recorded. Peculiar to the fabrics in karacasu, Nazilli pest cost, towels, blankets, silk shirt, lining of glands, Baxter and Yousuf in the villages of socks, I'm broke, he was touching bags, saddlebags.    Allen, in the Sancagi Salname businesses and owners of water in relation to the information;   
Allen; British Hackins's steam running licorice factory, Miss Lorem works-oil factory of steam, Asnasu works with steam of the Kukule cotton factory,   

Scott; British J Forbes running with steam me yanbali factory,    Running with water, flour and interpreting Abacioglu Dimitri in the factory,   
Haciseyhzade and Akiko Efendi in Nazilli running with steam flour mill, the equivalent of running with steam cotton and flour mill,    Alexander Istavraki in Lazopulo running the steam cotton mill,    Kirçiogul Vasilaki works with the water in Gelenbe cotton, flour mill, In addition to these businesses, numerous Daly and olive processing machine tools are.    Allen, cereal and high-yield agriculture outside common due to features such as the Ottoman economy based on agriculture, had a special place in it. Agricultural production is the most obvious characteristic of the production of the territory of the Ottoman Empire in Aydın figs contained all fig trees, and more than half (3.5 million). According to reports of 1913 Allen Sancagi have been obtained from 43,724 tons fig. Fig in addition of dissatim products in cotton and grape between basta.       
This period in animal production of digital data was say; 26,669 ox, goat, sheep, cow, 166,098 181,998 19,053 12,388 horse, 5,794 camel et al.    In the region in the Republic, occurring metals grinding stone, and lignite kömürüydü.   

Ottoman 19. by the second half of the 20th century, especially the bass from the aliens, trafficking in order to meet the demand for support and Babiali debt banks baited. However, Muslim-Turkish merchants and landowners, foreigners and minority independent of monetary matters for themselves to secure the necessary resources and national banks are entered into the organisation çabalarina. During these years, one of the emerging Bank National Bank of Intellectuals.  to the Central National Bank of Aydın Aydın 18. July 1914 was founded in. 21. August 1915 as a branch of the Bank in National Intellectuals  Cooperative Allen Fig Producers Corporation  Taris.    Republican Period Allen Economy The Republic of Turkey was founded at new year in Israel and open economy of agriculture-based disa is a poor country, feature stone. Get rid of these negative features, development and sanayilesme can be used to start the movement of 17 February – 4 March, 1923 in İzmir Economic Congress toplanmistir. Congress received insufficient private sector decisions are primarily reasons, photo by açigin State of total quality management principles in the areas of eradication.    İzmir Economics Congress and our country's economic yapilanmada notice of the Republic with the regeneration process. In this context, locally produced figs, cotton, olives, tobacco, and stories collected in agricultural products like Aydın and Nazilli, İzmir, Alva, sorting packaging. Consequently, this process of industries of advanced at İzmir, Aydın fabric is typically aimed at internal consumption, agricultural products, textile, food, SOAP, agricultural tools that functions in the production of the annual show.    in the 1930s, the first five-year sanayilesme plan prepared and this plan reasons, Tangmere in 1937 at last Nazilli Calico Factory has been established. Photo by Atatürk commissioned opened factory, Allen formed a base of taslarindan of the industry. This factory, in 1950, 60,000 tons of yarn and will produce 23 million meters of discharge capacity. 

  After the 1950s, with the introduction of hydroelectric energy facilities of the belt increased rates of consumer goods industry in the province, development, construction materials industry, too, has been established. After this period, traditionally woven industry, food made at the level of the workshop and factory involved much better than zeppelins ... in Bailey, the construction materials industry suggested, metal product development of.    öncülügü founded in Sümerbank in 1958 and transferred to the private sector Textile factory in the production of cotton yarn and cotton woven arttirmistir. they are woven in 1960 of private sector entrepreneurs seem to have years olmul. in the mid-1970s yıllarin SÖKTAS and Nazilli Yarn fabrikalarinin woven with large-scale facilities suggested after its creation.    Allen manufacturing industry is showing significant improvement in 1960 after an industry is food processing industry koluda. Manufacturing industries food industry in the case of SOAP industry of the olive operators manufacturing showed great improvement. Manufacturing industry is a foundation of the State in 1955 her forehead Turkey Cement Industrial Co. established within the Soke and Fabrikasinin should be noted the importance of cement.   

hasilasi provincial gross between 1975 – 1978 in average 11 share in the manufacturing industry, which has the weight of industrial consumer goods, agricultural products is in IONA. Ilde construction materials industry other organizations operating in brick and tile factories and factories is raw material affording cookers. The largest of our country ice cream machine-producing factory    Nazilli. founded in the 1940s involved in the workshop, then genisleyerek is the largest and modern Turkey ice cream machine-producing factory.   

Industry    Food industry    Allen, in the production of the country in 1994 G olive, chestnut and fig B for producing ' percent although leading position; the value added of this potential will be trained in doing crimes, will leave the province to the extent that sanayile sememistir.    Food manufacturing industries, American companies, country companies total Intellectuals of the ' in 1987, 1988, 1989, and in 1990 oranlarinda value-added produce. You can never reach the level of these numbers at least P and propelled the new businesses to new yetirim.   , For example, established in 1995 by President Suleyman Demirel and spinner 12.06.1998 Saud made on Ihratcat, Import & Trading Ltd. Sti. The production of olives, canned vegetables, and more exports to countries in Europe, America and Asia.    Weaving, apparel manufacturing industry wearing apparel manufacturing industry    Woven clothing, after the production of the country the rate at which the Çukurova in cotton producing second when F. 1987-1990 period maximum value-added in this sector appearance. Moreover, the company produced in the same period again value-added per Turkey twice or more the average of olmul. Also working in the sector average of value-added generated per Turkey. in 1994, 246,555 in 1995, Aydin's cotton producing tons of 92,208 ha ekilisle 275,030 ton 277,580 ton ekilisle 92,306 ha in 1997, p üretmistir. The potential for this production to the manufacturing industry base entry is weaving, weaving industry of the source, we see that there is at the desired level. The added value produced in the province of weaving manufacturing industry other sectors produced in the country of the total value-added generated value-added compared with is the leader by a large margin. 604 people established in 1954 with the istihdami Textile was established the same year again approximately, 1220 per person istihdami in Nazilli Calico Factory (Sumerbank Holding AS), founded in 1972, 968 per person istihdami Söktas AS, established in 1976 with 288 people with istihdami Köytas, established in 1991, 90 per person istihdami such AS Blue Aegean with Unplug clothing industry organizations, the industry's leading agencies. Produced in 1220 the greatest contribution to value-added production of export-oriented working çalistiran and 2190 tons/year yarn, 16,460,000 mt/year time keeper, 15 million mt/year capacity of the finished cloth is Woven Nazilli Sümerbank Factory. However, this value to make the public sector in the production of heavy from working in the private sector, added value generated per 2 levels efficiency.   

TASA AND THE GROUND-BASED MANUFACTURING FINANCIAL SERVICES    at age 22nd manufacturing industry based on own land business and worrying about it. Industry-leading kuruluslarindan 1950-1980 period Allen industry while examining specified Turkey cement industry TAKAHASHI's on-site Soke Cement Plant, satilmistir to the private sector in 1989. Today's name with the year cement production Cement Factory West Söke 324,000 tons.      

Brick factories in th city 104,320,730 annual production capacities of EA. The main businesses in 1955, certain Sector    established West Soke Cement AS, established in 1990, Kaltun Madencilik Tic.AS, established in 1975, Amer AL, established in 1983, Çine inauguration of Akmaden Isletmecilik Tic a.s., established in 1978, Aytopsan AS, established in 1979, Göçtug AS, established in 1985, Kaletopsan Tugla AL, founded in 1964, rely on land and Agriculture industry. AL., established in 1976, Partners Terry San. ve Tic. Organizations such as. The limestone and clay, used in factories in the province cater from January. 

  established in 1986, West Building elements for AL, has an annual production capacity of 60,000 m2, marble processing, established in 1994, established in 1992, Western Marble Mersan AS Ebied marble industry AS, 10,000 m3 in 1995, marble processing capacity was established by Ozcelikler AS and Alexander enterprises leading Marble from Thai society AS agencies.   

Metal goods machinery equipment industry    One of the most important manufacturing province of industry sub-sectors of metal goods, machinery equipment manufacturing industry. A large proportion of businesses in this sector, producing agricultural tools, also a part of the heavy tourist sites in machinery manufacturing and automotive industry is producing part of the ancillary industries in the State. Advanced agricultural sector is carrying a special importance to agriculture in the province is machinery industry; plough, Harrow,    As agricultural fertilizer spreader machines, high-quality business machines pulverizer.   

Turkey's largest ice cream machines, deep freezers and ice cream bash guard and one of the country's key electronics industry kuruluslarindan Allen in.    Ilde forest products, paper, paper products and furniture industry, chemical, petroleum and plastic products industry branch of gelişememistir. Apart from the chemical, oil and coal and SOAP manufacture plastic sector, large agricultural potential in the sector due to the environmental pollution carelessly spend promise as a sans yorumlanmasi.   

Some positive indicators in the manufacturing industry at age although I was just concocting the potential of the development of the manufacturing industry of the province in recent years, speed kazanmistir. The main causes of the delay; invested in the historical process of the province have fertile lands the production of agricultural products, if you're yogunla in İzmir agency should be buy low prices through production of goods to the West the District of high prices as a result of the transfer of value transfer into Aydin; in recent years, special bank deposits for the first time in Turkey in 10 years, but this mevduatin 1/Aydın between 10 and use this rate is around 8% of the industrial credit will remain in the collective işletmeciligin yayginlasmamasi, referred to difficulties caused in creating industrial areas, implemented in the country's development, and therefore the legislation were j.d. enough development measures benefit enough lanilamamasi.    Organized industrial zones   

Industrial zones, compatible with each other, producing small and medium-sized industrial and public infrastructure installed? larynyn planly services will benefit from a standard and regular factories in dissonant.    Allen Asthma Organized Industrial Zone    Allen and the province of Aydın-Denizli road frontage, and a Nguyen and air Kang Tasbatan, space is a resident Asthma industry and trade Is the small industrial estate named Central industrial plants have given the size of forehead, the second organized industrial Region by Ministerial return accepted and Mütesebbis of Tesekkül Committee is an integrated one. 5300 square meters available Asthma, type 280 hectares to be added more about Allen Center-related Stigmas Aydın municipality and with the municipality of Mütesebbis Tesekkül Baskanligina kamulasti talimatlandirilmistir work of purchasing or Delegation.    Aydin Umurlu Organized Industrial Zone   
Allen – Denizli Highway, Umurlu Bucagi Chubs, Aydin is 11 km away.    Allen (Umurlu) organized industrial zone, 15.07.1976, was founded by the decision of the Council of Ministers No. date and whether it is 7/12207, kamulasti is an integrated one in the history of 30.01.1996 work. postoperative view gross from the area 1,021,305 m2 845,000 m2, roads and green areas are left after the industrial area net 821,975 m2, 5000 to 10000 m2 are available in different fields has 103 plots. as of 31.12.1997 Allen organized Industrial Zone industrial parcel is in water distribution:    Number of Total parcel 103 PCs.    Project is in safhasy 14   
When passing Production 16 pieces    Construction in 26 pieces    56 companies a total of land allocation.    Sectoral distribution last Production companies:   
Marble industry 2 pieces Packaging industry 1    Furniture industry 1 chemical industry 1    Concrete 1 unit 3 on food industry    Auto industry 2 pieces 2 pieces of Textile industry   -Total 16 pieces    Safhasi when the project that also includes Construction and distribution of:   
Aluminium joinery industry 2 pieces Packaging industry 1    1 Soap industry chemical industry 1    Durable URtük.maz.san. 1 unit of Food industry 14    4 Auto supply industry textile industry 8    Agricultural equipments industry 2 Cold Air Depot 1    2 Battery industry Machine industry 1    Electric URev.alet.san. 2 pieces 1 piece of furniture industry    Paper coil industry. 1 piece Construction elements and industry 1    Medical ger. industry 1 Rad. TV news URalt.san. 1 piece (s)   

Plastic dog. industry 1 piece 2 pieces of Marble industry    Partners Organize Sanayi Bolgesi    Allen located in Germencik County due to Partners of o. s. b. suggested a Cabinet decision in 1997, with investment programme. Studies and kamulasti Mütesebbis Tesekkül and harcamalarin needed to invest in whole Delegation will be against by. Governor of Turkey created Mütesebbis Tesekkül was spotted at the appropriate Ministerial Delegation, is by working.    Gümüsyeniköy 1000 square meters at the partners, the creation of areas previously thought to be natural comb O.S.B., Müdürlüklerin all about shared signed report, Bakanliga is ready for sale.   

Aydin Umurlu existing in the province, and ASTHMA o. s. b. is completed and will be commissioned with the Nazilli, Scott and partners O.S.B. ', throughout the province will take into consideration the potential for a big industry, helps by technological support, consultancy and market research that will yield a services such as KOSGEB (small and medium industry development and Support Administration Baskanligina) addition with a volume due to the creation in the provinces of industry and trade for the export of their products and they pazarlanmasinda the presence in the formation of the Customs Directorate is thought to be will be.    Gümüsyeniköy 1000 square meters at the partners, the creation of areas previously thought to be natural comb O.S.B., Müdürlüklerin all about shared signed report, Bakanliga is ready for sale. 

  Aydin Umurlu existing in the province, and ASTHMA o. s. b. is completed and will be commissioned with the Nazilli, Scott and partners O. S. B. s, a huge industrial potential throughout the province will take into consideration the form helps by technological support, consultancy and market research that will yield a services such as KOSGEB (small and medium industry development and Support Administration Baskanligina) addition with a volume due to the creation in the provinces of industry and trade for the export of their products and they pazarlanmasinda the presence in the formation of the Customs Directorate is thought to be will be.    Nazilli Organized Industrial Zone   

In the District of Nazilli O.S.B. suggested, by a decision of the Board of the Council of Ministers 1996 investment programme has been taken. AFP's Board of Governor's Mütesebbis created by Tesekkül is the appropriate Ministerial formation, has been shown to work. The establishment of düsünüldügü land o.s.b. Ebrahimi beyler, Nazilli Sümerbank Factory behind and adjacent to the path of Baxter. Size is about 1500 square meters. The infrastructure will be ready to take credit, with the support of the gerçeklesmesi.   

Scott Organized Industrial Zone    Söke district O.S.B. suggested a Cabinet decision has been taken in 1996 with the investment program. AFP's Board of Governor's Mütesebbis Tesekkül created by the formation is shown to fit Organization Ministerial studies. Area 2000 square meters. The establishment of organized Industrial Zone düsünüldügü land Söke-Aydin Kizilgin located to the South of the railroad tracks is at 1300 acres of land from a green manure. Infrastructure gerçeklesmesi Bakanlığin will be provided with credit support. This project has been seen by the appropriate Ministry.    Agriculture    Allen County soil, topographic as of doing polikültür arable provinces. In almost every branch of agriculture provinces, industrial crops, fields, vineyard and garden products grown, livestock businesses weight is the source of income in the second degree. The main products of the province, cotton, olives,    fig and chestnut. Olive, fig, chestnut Turkey-wide production of 1. at the time, the production of cotton from Adana, then 2. Next up, corn production at 3. When you shut down. Milk hayvanco the presence of pure and hybrid cattle in Exchange for the maximum is one of the provinces.   
1997 Census, the general population lives in villages 897,821 431.304. A portion of the population who live in the cities is also considering dealing with agriculture, 57% of the total population (511,758), it is seen that the agricultural population.   

Ekilis Important Herbal Products and production (1997)   
Genus Amount (? Name.) Production (Tons)   
Peach 2274 Huh 22492   
Fig (Yas) 34867 Ha 148166   
Chestnut 5510 Huh 21661   
Olive 144543 Ha 51408   
Grape 3308 Huh 23254   
Citrus 5149 Huh 36103   
Sesame 547 Ha 405   
Wheat 28164 Huh 103590   
Barley 10992 Huh 26621   
Sunflower 3655 Huh 6562   
Egypt 7300 Ha 52490   
Tobacco 11286 Huh 6516   
P 92306 Ha 277580   
Pepper 1780 Ha 55478   
Tomato 3259 Huh 107555   
Eggplant 1596 Huh 64446   
Melon Watermelon 3476
Huh 110831   
Cauliflower 826 Ha 15723 


a fruit specific to figs, province and district of Aydın has become the symbol. Ate locally also called fig has an ancient and exotic structure. Since the old Ages you figs and fig leaf has been the symbol of power and bari, fig has the sacred nature of the korumui. It's Christmas time and the Western Christian countries issued before the figs, are exported to Muslim countries in the spring.   

Allen, is not found in other parts of the characteristics bred in Fig. The provincial territory is fertile, the suitability of air, moisture at a desired level and rüzgarlarin in particular, the positive effect of ripening figs Fig is highly qualified. In addition, the thinness of the crust, cores of small, very baby, soon sugar which, about 30 of them to be big enough to find a fig smoked products weight, fragrant and are unrivalled in the world with the characteristics that can be present in very convenient to dry. Aydın figs as of qualification Sarılop, Göklop, Fm, Bardacik butik Pansiyon and Kawaguchi as kind of divided. One of them is Sarılop and Göklop is especially suited to dry types. The other types of Bardacık, Bursa, Amber, black bird, Yeşilgüz, Morgüz, white Amber and sickle Sickle varieties is consumed fresh. Orak is a genus of early June, twice in August with fruit.   

Incirler August in ballan can get .. .that doesn't seem prepared before located in the fig gardens and in  fig Marcos de Jesus  name given places dried. The dried figs are sorted by size, color. Finally, big, white, immaculate and breakfast for those suffering from wounds  filtering , although the same quality they are kind of small ones  do not touch , renkçe brunette, cleft palates, stained or smaller ones called  natural . Interested in hear these qualifications is called  Palm  non-fig and these are used in the production of more alcohol. Yetistirmekten so are the most important issue for fumigation with dried figs.    Kill kurt and various pests in dried figs, carried out for the challenge given addir. Incirin long as it oozes from the point of processing reel gives place to place to the right to form up. Structure and characteristic hence great care should be shown very perishable incire kurutulurken.    Incirin rich minerals and vitamins can pass directly into the bloodstream of the sugar and contain property because of a ready source of energy. San kolaylastirici, b because of medical preventive regulatory and constipation of the qualifications used as.       

Elahi has a Fig Research Institute.   
Olive the importance of Human health      
better understood and with each passing day, the consumption of olive oil is reported to achieve fast growing olives, some of the area's most important Ancient Ages till today from one of the agricultural product has olmul. A research-based, olive oil satisina out of the country as the cast is allowed 100 pieces-oil 280 000 tonnes of olives, at islenerek about 46 000 tons of oil üretilmis, that '' I was cast as the packaging for a discharge. This is a value transfer per main exports. Bulk-oil exported as advanced facilities in this sector is interested in countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain (Assembly jigs), refined acidity transshipment.    19,600,000 pieces of olive tree, in the province of Aydın, Turkey number of olive tree # ' reputation. This tree allows the production of country of 356,670 tons of olives produced with G. At the same time Allen press and dry system in production facilities in metodlariyla it shows high acidity of the olive and this product soon bozulmaktadir. The reason for this is usually not known enough of the olive gathering technique being processed at.   

P In addition to cotton, fiber   oil and-pomace is an industrial plant cited too. Therefore, given the importance and in October of cotton production has increased over the years progresses. Pamuga, given the importance of the cotton plant of the searched all climate and soil characteristics due to the fact that the data is so large that it is greater than the impact of my. Textile industry raw materials and advanced products of cotton primary teeth, over 30,000 farmers in the province is the source of livelihood of the family. 3,000 tons under cotton production in 1927, 1950, in the early 1960s, 35,000 tons here and 60,000 tons, 1960-1970s rates of early 1970s artisla fast between pressing yıllarinda 108,000 tons dolayina out, and in the late 1970s 110,000 tone asmistir. the next development in the 1960s, the influence of cotton istasyonlarinin October tohumlarin October defeat of the "poor relation" of Inoue of the effect.    277,580 tons of cotton in 1997 after its creation the production levels. 

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