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Afrodisias Museum

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  Aphrodisias are digging out from previous finds at the site, 1961 in İzmir and İstanbul Archaeology Museums. in 1961, Prof. Dr. Kenan t. ERİM by excavations resulting in finds the excavation House stores and Master Li was put in front of the Museum with the crates Deveci. It is retained in order to display the finds at the site decided to establish a museum. The Museum as a place for the current location. Cultural heritage and museums (Antiquities and Museums), the General Directorate of the architect Mr. Esa ALTABAN construction of the museum plan drawn by 1971-1972 in the winter. Construction was completed in the fall of 1977. Immediately after the display has been switched to work on. Following the completion of these studies made Governor of Aphrodisias Museum an official ceremony opened by Münir SOUTHERN Intellectuals of the period.   

Aphrodisias Museum, the ancient city of Aphrodisias excavations uncovered the ruins and Museum are exhibited the works and is one of the rare museums are intertwined. Small works salon ruins and molasses Hill mound of Acropolis Hill in the pitches were extracted from the CHALCOLITHIC period, early, middle and late bronze age, covering Prehistoric works, it Temple of Aphrodite from the mound and removed from the Lydian ceramics, archaic, classical, Hellenistic period works with excavations at the site uncovered Roman, Byzantine and early Islamic works of overthrow.   

Aphrodisias Museum exhibition of works of sculpture that is very rich in terms of. This aspect is an important archaeological museum. Father extracted the slopes of Mount White, blue-grey marble from Aphrodisias from what he does works of sculptors of Aphrodisias in the lounge with a separate aspect of the sculpture has been on display. These halls; Empire salon, Melpomene, Hall, Odeon Hall, Camekanlı 's Exhibition Gallery, Camekanlar, giving the name of the Town Hall and the goddess Aphrodite Penthesilia Hall, also exposing the inner garden and courtyard town sarcophagi.   

the Museum's collection of works, the most important section of the Bc 1. in the late Hellenistic Period, starting with the 21st century, A.d. 5. century up to the early Byzantine period existed at the site produced numerous Statuary school sculptures and reliefs with various types of tombs. Examples of this sculpture is currently located in exposing Zoilos Frieze, Melpomene (tragedy inspires inspiration fairy) statue, various statues of the Emperor, Polykleitos ' Diskophoros's statue of A.d. 1. century marble copy, Achilles – Penthesileia group, statues of the infant Dionysus and a Satyr, Aphrodite of Aphrodisias, various statues of Nike cult statue statues of the monks and nuns as an example. 

  İlimiz Karacasu District The expropriation of a total of 23 immovables with an area of ​​166.012 square meters has been completed in the Afrodisias Museum development area within the boundaries of Geyre Beldesi. The Aphrodisias Museum Building is restored by the Geyre Foundation.
 In addition to the service building of the Aphrodisias Museum Directorate, the building which was built by the Geyre Foundation and on which Sebasteion works are exhibited is completed. The construction of the building started in May 2007 and the building was completed in October 2007. The exhibition and arrangement of the museum annex was made in June 2008 and approximately 86 pieces of rare marble sculptures were presented to our staff. The new stoa was also built as a result of demolition of stoa deposits in the additional building site.
 The splendid marble reliefs in the Sebastion-Sevgi Gönül Hall, built according to the project of Mimar Cengiz Bektaş, which was added to the opening of the Aphrodisias Museum, are exhibited along the two sides of the structure, with stories, characteristics, and names of contributors. It is seen from the glass of the Zemen, the texture of the city which goes back to much more. As you go from one emboss to the other, you can admire and admire Babadag, the source of that marble. 

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