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Aydın Museum

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  The idea of setting up a Museum in the city of Aydın in the 1948 posed. But earlier Osman Hamdi Bey Museum is a Museum in 1888 during the 80s officer known to his tenure. You were the Governor of a 29.06.1948 and the establishment of the Museum with the demand with no. 2867 Maarif (national Ec) must report to the Ministry. The Ministry's 12.07.1948 and 1951 No. writing works of the collection and the Museum building to be shown where to. in 1950, Teacher Hakkinen Bala and Sami Ersoy by responding positively to the Ministry to offer the works of Men he sent for collection at the Art Institute of appropriation, an artifacts that were collected.   

Allen as a branch of the Museum in the first community centre opened Aydin. This is Allen Community Centre Museum, Halkevlerinin the 08.08.1951 and closure law No. 5930 Museum is closed. After that, Allen continued unremitting efforts in setting up the Museum. Finally on February 16, 1959 at the Directorate General of museums and Antiquities 730.06.616 numbered with the Teacher to the Museum Office Morale Khan by substituting the Allen Museum was established in the status of the repository. 1962 Triumph elementary. Allen Museum, the 20.04.1966 and resolution 261.1.2148 of the General Directorate of the archaeologist with Ibra Akşit, with the appointment to the level of a Clerkship.

17 February ERKANLI Archaeologist Lewis in 1969 with the appointment to the Office of the Museum of Aydın Museum Directorate in writing no. 235 the wife of Allen Museum's name gets 1 the way for the construction of the new Museum building in    national real estate Department was allocated the land in 1967, the current building began construction. the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in 1973 opening of the 50th year is to visit a special ceremony April 23, 1973. A Museum of the variety you due to renovations closed to visit. Between the years of renovations and new 1999-2003 the most recent exhibition was closed for 2 May 23, 2003, the Minister of culture and tourism, Erkan Mumcu of the Museum During the visit and can be visited by the public.

3    Allen Community Centre Museum artifacts of the Museum's core. 4 Today, especially Ethnography seksiyonundaki regional ethnographic, Archaeological seksiyonundaki Tralleis origin earthenware and coins found in the area of responsibility of the Museum also define justified is the source of a boast. Especially having been in Roman Roman emperors silver coin collection of Kim having each of the Museum's Treasures and has a treasure. Kim Hoard (a.d. 40-270), where he worked between the Emperor and the Empress 9 29. 

  Aydın Museum today has close to 40 inventory items. The museum, which is located in a large garden, is located in the borders of the province of Aydın and is located in the province of Tralleis, Magnesia, Alinda, Alabanda, Nysa, Amyzon, Piginda, Harpasa, Myus, Pygela, Orthosia, Stone works from various periods from ancient cities are exhibited. These works include sculptures, sarcophagi, column and column headings, altars, grave stellar, Islamic tombstones, milestones, and various architectural pieces with reliefs and reliefs.

The museum is composed of archeology, numismatic (coin) and ethnography sections.

Archaeological Works Department
The works are exhibited in a chronological order. In addition to prehistoric works, it is possible to see the most beautiful examples of Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods. These are hand tools, cutters and drills, idols, spindles, terracotta samples, lamps, masks and statuettes, glass objects, jewelery made of gold, silver and bronze, medical instruments, makeup materials and weapons.
Some of the most beautiful examples of the Hellenistic Period Tralleis sculpture: Athena bust, Nike sculpture, Satyr sculpture, various sculptures and reliefs adorn the archeology halls. A large collection of terracotta, oil lamps, unguentarium and toy figurines are obtained from the rescue excavations in the Tralleis necropolis.
Numismatic (Coin) Works Department

Gold, silver, copper and bronze coins from various periods such as   Greek, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman are exhibited.
Ethnographic Works Department

The division is where the rich folk art products are exhibited. Silver jewelery such as carpets, rugs, jewelery, sumacs, woolen clothes, worn-out women's clothing, embroidered prints, horns, belts, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, hammam sets, manuscripts Quran and books, cigarette mouthpieces, Such as cups, cups, coffee mills, coffee chillers, clogs, woodwork, swords, wedges, lighter rifles, guns, weapons such as cups, bowls, 

  Hasan Efendi Neighborhood, Atatürk Sports Hall as well
Tel: (0256) 225 22 59
Fax: (0256) 213 35 91

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