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The Indoor Marketplace Set Up The Tent In Didim

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The picture that was made by the Municipality of Didim and formed after the rains in a modern closed marketplace with a cost of 7 million did not change this year. Today, in order to protect the merchants of the shopkeepers, tents have been opened inside and outside the marketplace due to the rains which are effective in the district. 'Is this the Modern Marketplace?' He reacted to the situation.

Today, the heavy rainfall that was effective in Didim negatively affected the trader of the market. When the 7 Million TL market made in Didim Municipality was protected by the artisans of the roof, tradesmen had to return to the old style and set up tents inside and outside the market place. The troubles experienced during the rainy years in the past year also caused the reaction of the tradesmen to continue this year, and the shopkeeper shopkeepers were paying money and said they had to close the places in the closed market place again. The marketplace trader who addressed the Mayor of Didim Mayor Mimar Kamacı and the members of the assembly stated: 'The closed marketplace has been protecting us from the rain since the day of construction, and some places are not getting wet in the inside, but we are exposed to rain at the edges and in some inner areas. Nylon, we find that the authorities have found a solution, and we do not want to experience the same problem in every rainy season. '

As it is known that there are projects against this situation in the marketplace of the Municipal Assembly Member Ahmet Karaoğlu who made the chairman of the commission related to the marketplace related to the issue and that is now the Deputy Mayor of the market in order to be influenced by the rain and to be influenced by the raffle of the shopkeepers working on the side of the market place during the passing years. They would start work for. There was no announcement about the project and the public about the project prepared in the meantime and it was not started in any work place on the market place.

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