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Didim Mufti Of Polats Eid Al-fitr Message

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Didim District Muftis Mikail Polat issued a celebration message on Mevlit Kandili.

Mikhail Polat, the Mufti of Mufti, who made a statement on Mevlit Kandili which will be celebrated as the birth of our Prophet (PBUH) due to his being a Mevlit felon on the night of February 3, 2012 on Friday, February 4, 2012. 'Our Prophet (PBUH) is an ordinary human and a prophet? But our Prophet is interested in everybody because it is said in the Qur'an that our Almighty Lord is sent to the worlds as a mercy to the worlds, 'Yakut is a stone but it is not an ordinary stone, it is not an ordinary person in our Prophet.' Gabriel (a. The situations of giving and showing are not ordinary.

Just as it is impossible to gather all the rays of the sun at a focal point, it is not possible to tell and finish all the great virtues of our Prophet.

What are the human rights brought to people by the coming of our Prophet? December 10, 1948 Human rights that came to Islam long before the universal manifestation of human rights: 1-The right to life. 2-Right of ownership. 3-Residential right of immunity. 4-The right to honor and honor. 5-The right to fair representation and equality before the law. 6-Freedom of belief and worship and right. 7-The right to get married and build a family home. 8-The right to private privacy. 9-The right of equality of races. 10-Right of subsistence. 11-Learning, teaching, right and freedom. 12-Idea of ​​thought and freedom of speech. 13-Right to travel. On this occasion, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) celebrates the anniversary of the anniversary of the Prophet (saas) to the world and wishes to be a means to all units, family members, our nation, nationality and all Islamic world and all mankind. I will grant my rights, 'he said.

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