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Environmental Cleanliness In Altinkum Beach

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Didim Municipality staff cleaned the shore between the local and foreign holiday makers sunbathing at Didim's World famous beach Altinkum.

Didim's world-renowned Altınkum beach was cleaned by the staff of the Municipality of Didim to draw attention to environmental sensitivity. Youths from different countries participated in the clean-up work within the scope of the International Volunteer Work Camp, which was held annually by the Youth Services Center and the Municipality of Didim.

The coastal cleanliness started in front of the Altinkum Governor's Mansion was continued in Altinkum Beach and ended in front of the Peace Park. In the scope of cleaning works, garbage and butts on the beach were collected and placed in garbage trucks.

Didim Municipality Cleaning Affairs Manager Özdal Gündüz, who provided information on the purpose of your activity, said that they performed the activity with keeping the place clean.

Didim Municipality Environmental Engineer Aslı Kıray said that although the sand of the beach was cleaned every morning, the beach was still polluted again and that the coast which was more polluted in the summer months should be kept clean at all times. Kıray plaja called on domestic and foreign vacationers about environmental sensitivity.

The garbage collected at the beach was removed by putting it in a garbage truck at the Municipal Cleaning Works.

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