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Victory Day Celebrations In Didim

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Celebrations for the 91st anniversary of Victory Day of August 30 were held in the city of Aydın, as it was in the whole country.

Didim Kaymakamı Ersin Emiroğlu, Didim Mayor Mümin Kamacı, Didim Garrison Commander M. Alper Köseoğlu, Didim Republic Attorney General and Umut Inci together with political party representatives, NGO representatives and citizens attended the celebration ceremony held in front of the Atatürk Monument in Didim Municipality Park. Following the wreath presentation at the Atatürk monument, the National Anthem of Turkey was read and the National Anthem was read.

Deniz Lieutenant Yiğit Yücel, who was in charge at Didim Garrison Command, made a speech about the significance and significance of the day. In his speech, Lieutenant Yücel said that August 30 is the best answer to the initiatives against the integrity and independence of the country, saying: 'Today is the turning point of Turkish history, the great victory of 91. We celebrate every year the victory of our army, In the great offensive, the determination and determination of the Turkish army and all the enemy trenches were captured in a short period of time, and this world has been the fastest attack on the history of war, and every territory is important because of its geopolitical position.

Following the wreath-setting ceremony, Kaymakam Ersin Emiroğlu accepted his congratulations at his office.

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