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2. Didim International Beach Korfball Tournament

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The second of the International Didim Beach Korfball Tournament, held last year in cooperation with the Federation of Emerging Sports Branches and Didim Municipality, started.

Two teams from Serbia, Romania, Belarus and Norway participated in the International Didim Beach Korfball Tournament held at Altinkum beach between 29 August and 2 September 2013 in Didim district of Aydin, while the other two were from Yildiz Technical University, Kocaeli University, Altınel Sports Club, Marmara University and Adana team participated.

Altınkum beach in the morning and evening, 12 matches during the day, while the domestic and foreign tourists show great interest in matches.

The tournament committee chief Evrim Kamacı stated that Turnuvan's 2nd Korfball Tournament will be finalized on 2 September and he said 'Official matches are being made and this year's tournament interest has increased even more.' Didim's presentation is also a nice event, And the cup will be given, 'he said.


In the corpus where the male and female athletes are mixed, the teams consist of 8 athletes. The goal in Corfold is to get a number by throwing the ball into the opponent's team's (corf) ball. There is a 360 degree shot around the corpse with an altitude of 3.5 meters and the game continues behind the corpse. Teamwork is not allowed to run in the corners, to run the ball or to drive the ball. It is divided into 40x20 meter length playground, attack and defense area. Teams change region after both counts; Defensive players are attacked, and offensive players are defenders. In a Korfball sport, a man can defend a man, a lady, a lady, and two people against one person can not defend.

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