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Realtors Commented On The Meeting Didimli Muğla

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Didim Real Estate Consultants Association President Osman Coşkun stated that the brochure prepared in Muğla on the occasion of productive and the things that foreigners should pay attention to when making property are discussed in the meeting.

Didim Real Estate Consultants Association Chairman Osman Coşkun, who attended the Real Estate Advisors' Association meeting held in Muğla, evaluated the meeting. Last week, Muğla Governor Fatih Şahin, chairman of the meeting took place in the presence of intensive participation in discussing the problems that lived in Coskun said. Coşkun Muğla Governor stated that they were distributed to them and had knowledge in the brochure entitled 'Things that foreigners should pay attention when making property in our country' prepared in the premiership. Coşkun stated that the brochures had been sent to airports, bus terminals and places frequented by tourists, and Coşkun said, 'We have also started a study in this regard and we are very grateful for the continuity of our work.'

Coşkun stated that the matter of unregistered real estate was invested in the meeting and that the Governor of the Tax Office informed him about this issue and stated that the Muğla Tax Office will do the necessary work in this regard. He told us that he was ready to do all kinds of help in this regard and that it was a fruitful meeting for us '.

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