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The Decline In The Price Of Bread In Didim A Citizen Of Delights

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250 grams of bread in Didim, 40 cents in some places, 50 cents in some places while the prices were being sold to reasonable levels of citizens were happy

The price competition among the bakers in Didim has rekindled. In the past months, the bakers in Didim requested the raise of the bakers and the price of 75 cents of bread was increased to 90 kuruş as a result of the interviews made to Didim Chamber of Commerce. Democracy Platform members in the province reacted to the increase of bread to 90 kuruş, Bakıncılar responded to the reactions described in the press expressed the high costs. In some districts, some businesses sold bread for 40 cents to maintain competition, while other companies were unable to stay indifferent and the prices of bread decreased to 50 cents.

While many businesses in the province were paying 50 cents for bread prices, the rate of decrease was mostly favored by the citizens. Citizens argue that the price of bread is reasonable and that it is not right to sell the seeds in the past 90 months, and that this is common in the institutions that make this decision

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