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September And Also Enjoy The Sea In Didim

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The sea season in Didim is also continuing in September. Local and foreign tourists who enjoyed the opportunity to watch the weather temperatures above the seasonal norms enjoyed the pleasure of the sea.

In some parts of our country, there are severe rains, while in the Aegean Sea in Didim, holidaymakers enjoy the sea in September. In September, because of the weather conditions above the seasonal norms, holidaymakers enjoyed the sea in Altinkum with Didimliler who knows the opportunity of good weather. Foreign citizens, tourists and the Didimliler who live in our province were seen to enjoy the sunny weather. It was also observed that those who wanted to enjoy the warm air in our municipalities where the air temperatures reached 30 degrees were enjoying the sun in the open cafes. According to the information obtained in the General Directorate of Meteorology Affairs, it was reported that the temperature of the weather will be normal in season.

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