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Metropolitan Mayor Azlem Cercioglu Announces Project

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The intellectual Mayor Özlem Çerçioğlu, who does not appear in a long time and is exposed to serious criticism of the opposition, announced the most important project about Metropolitan City after the opening of Alparslan Sculpture in Malazgirt Square. Ozlem Çerçioğlu stated that Aydın Municipality has become a rich municipality with the taxes collected from the people and that there are serious deposits in the banks. He said that he would use this place as a sun field if there is a closed space suitable for the public from Buharkent to Didim at the election of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Aydin Mayor Özlem Çerçioğlu, who also answered the questions of the press members in his speech, claimed that Aydin had not been done during the period of İlhami Ortekin, which he took over and took over the Aydın Municipality with a debt of 85 million. There are serious deposits in the banks of Aydin Municipality right now with the taxes that we collect from Ha. We are richer than Ankara. From here I explain the most important project for the metropolis. Aydin Metropolitan Municipality, Buharkent'deki as much as the municipal closed market place, parking lot, there is a place to put a solar panel on the steel consullara where there is enough to strengthen the solar energy on the power. Aydin 365 days a day, 330 days a city that sees the sun. This project was the most important projem for the city.

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