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Tourism In Didim Will Be Donated To Historic Houses

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  Mayor of Didim Mayor Mimun Kamacı stated that the work of the 'Yoran Projesi', prepared for the animation of Eskiköy, which is included in the temple of Apollon which is the first settlement of the county, is about to be completed by the municipality.
 Kamacı said that he had come to the last stage of Eskiköy landscaping project in the project which is known as 'Yoran Projesi' and which includes Apollo Temple.
 Aydin Monuments Board and the Directorate of Milet of the permission to take the work in the direction of the work of the Kamacı, Yoran Project
 He noted that Hisar Mahallesi, known as 'Eskiköy', would have a new identity.
 This project is one of the projects we care about, because this area is a protected area, and the life of this project is really important for us,' Eskiköy said after completion of the Yoran Houses project.
 Having expressed that walking around the path, environmental regulations and garden furnishings will be carried out, Kamacı stated that the tourists who visited Apollon Temple would see a more beautiful Didim.
 The work that is done around the temple will be integrated with the temple, and the restoration of the existing registered buildings will be done, and the three buildings belonging to the municipality will be included in these works and we will open the city museum, chapel and exhibition halls he said. 

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