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Afrodisian Ancient City

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  Allen is a town in the District of in the District of Karacasu. The name of the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite from Aphrodisias became famous for, especially in the era of ancient Rome is a city with Aphrodithe worship, perfectly preserved today with one of the most important archaeological monument structures is one of the Turkey.

Next Theatre over periods up to 5000 BC mound made outgoing is a Prehistoric settlement. In 6 BC. century is a small village in Aphrodisias. The first Temple of Aphrodithe is in this day and age. This view 2 BC. century city planning grid has been changed with. In this day and age in the city, spread over an area of about one kilometer around 15000 people. BC 1. century Roman Emperor Augustus took personal protection the city of Aphrodisias. Today the surviving monuments were done in the next two centuries.

Theatre and the temple was planned around two squares surrounded by columns between (Tiberius Portico and Agora). It is the best preserved of the ancient world Stadium on the northern end of the city. A.d. 3. century was the capital of the State of the Roman Empire, Caria Aphrodisias. A.d. 4th century wall around the city. A.d. 6. from a century began to lose its importance and flourishing. Aphrodithe Temple was converted into a church. Returning to a small town in kent 12. century it was abandoned completely.

City of antiquity's leading architecture, art, sculpture and worship centres. Byzantine author Stephanos, the establishment of the city 13 BC. century ". Karacasu is a 12 km southeast of the town established as Karia city Aphrodisias, a golden age during the Roman period. During this period of extraordinary beauty was built with marble statues and buildings and an art school known as Aphrodisias style has evolved, too.    

  As a result of the archaeological surveys, it has been determined that urban and sculpture as well as studies in medicine and astronomy were carried out in the city. The main building remains that can be seen in the city are M.S. In the 2nd century BC, it was built during the reign of Emperor Hadrianus. The temple, stadium, theater, theater bath, odeon, bishop's palace, philosophy school built for Aphrodite in the 1st century AD.

The area is an important residential area within the Bronze Age. The Acropolis and Pekmez Tepe mounds located within the ruins of the Aphrodisias ruins and having archaeological investigations yielded important finds covering all the layers of the Bronze Age. These finds, which coexist with the Middle Anatolian Bronze Age civilizations' products, document that it is a developed trade and cultural exchange in the region. In addition, an early Bronze Age Necropolis was found within the boundaries of Güzelbeyli Village.

  The excavations at Aphrodisias, Acropolis Hill Mound and around the iron age Temple of Aphrodite, giving Lydia type ceramic plates, archaic and classical period settlement have been identified. In the first thousand years BC, the region's most important Ancient City of Aphrodisias in Front of Asian descent of the goddess Ishtar, Asterte, Anadolu Kybele and the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of Greek origin, the origin of the cult of the goddess of nature and fertility of qualified ' has started to develop the cult of Aphrodite and Aphrodisias by establishing a cult of the city, the Temple of Aphrodite (faith) has become central.    the late Hellenistic Period started to develop two ancient cities in the region. Roman Period, especially the ancient Cities and Plarasa Aphrodisias Julius Claudius family of emperors developed rapidly during the period. Privileges and autonomy recognized by Rome, and breaking up the common coin of the two cities. Aphrodisias, located in the immediate vicinity of the marble quarries are an important with the use of plastic has become the hub of the arts. So much so that, urban artists their own "Manierist Style called" carving schools have created the. The region in ad 4. He continued to improve and has preserved its importance until the 21st century. 

  In the Byzantine period, it became the chief bishop of the Aphrodisias Karia region. M.S. 6-11. For centuries the region has lost its significance due to political, religious and economic troubles, visigoths and Arab raids. According to Byzantine sources 11-13. They spent four times in the Seljuks during centuries, and the land of Karacasu was settled in Turkmen waterways. Thus, the Menteşe principality and then the Aydın sons were dominant for a while. On 1413 II. Murat Karacasu has added his lands to the Ottoman Empire. Since 1867, it has been bound to Aydın as Karacasu District. 

  Address info
Address: Geyre Province, Karacasu
E-mail: afrodisias
Tel: (256) 448 80 03
 Fax: (256) 448 82 62
 Visit information
Summer Opening Time April-October
Summer Closing Time November-March
Winter Opening Time November-March
Winter Closing Time Holidays
08:00 19:00 08:00 17:00 None
The museum closes half an hour or so before closing time. 

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