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Magnesia Ancient City

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  The ancient city of magnesia, Aydin Province, in Germencik County, Partners within the limits of the village, to the Borough of Tekin partners-Scott is on the highway. According to legend the town was founded by Magnets from Thessalia. Apollo's prophecy and came to Anatolia on the Guide Magnetlerin the first Magnesia's place is not known. Diodor, Menderes River constantly change the bed overflow that occurred as a result of epidemics and Persia against the danger of Athenian Thibron was carrying the city of 400-399 Bc. Being a new city likely Thibron, Magnesia on the slopes of today's residents of the city of Magnesia Thorax (Silver) at the foot of Mount Leukophyr and there must be kept to. For this reason, today's, and a later period Magnesia established count will be correct.

1300x1100 m2 New Magnesia 1,774 circumference covering an area of approximately, a planned street grid system which at first. Priene, Ephesus and Tralleis triangle between commercial and had a strategically important location. The time of magnesia's reputation; design and implementation to the present with the architect Hermogenes stems from. According to ancient writers, the architect Vitruvius Hermogenes, Pseudodipteros Temple plan and according to Temple types column range first architect. Vitruvius also Hermogenes Leukophryne Temple in Magnesia of the head is. Hermogenes archaic period Temple on the ruins of the first temple built in the Hellenistic period. 8 x 5-column Ionic Temple layout is 67, 5x40 m, the fourth largest in the Hellenistic period When Anatolia .. Temple.

  1994-2001 carried out in the field of Artemis from the Holy altar in front of the temple and the agora excavations include the marble-paved parade ground uncovered. Parade ground circumference size 3 is covered with God reaching relief, victim in front of the rings. Both locations of the Association or group that will participate in the ceremonies of the Topos  inscriptions, limiting both sides of the field located on the slabs. Uncovered sections of the stoa that surrounds the sanctuary. one of the other important building  

Magnesia today under the shaft disappeared is the agora. Agora from the Holy Scriptures is entered through a door to Artemis. Propylon is completely uncovered. Agora 26 000 m2 in size and between the largest market of the period with 414 column. Magnesia in studies have considered building from the Byzantine period, 1989-2001 as a result of excavation work in Homer's "Odyseia," about the adventures of a dog-legged Did we know relief depicted with the use of the title "Roman Market Basilica".   

religious ceremonies are made to be used is the unfinished due to landslides, while the Theatron, 32 seater Latrine (public toilet) along with Magnesia has been replaced among the important structures. Magnesia partially visible today in other structures include a copy of Faustina in Miletus, bath in the bathhouse, Odeon, Stadion, is a weighted training center Gymnasium sport, Byzantine fortification and the Roman temple, 5. century, a plan to include Moses Mosque most À la King. 

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