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Gerga Ancient City

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  This placement is hosted by the wonderful Valley of the Çinenin, a very different character. This is not a village, and larger, but is so remarkable and unusual ruins, charming than me (George BEANe). This is a bit far, properly it is necessary a full day for a trip. Settlement, old Çinenin approximately 6.4 km. It is the eastern mountainous region in the South-East. The village of Ovacik road can be reached through here. But today the easiest use of the old İncekemer bridge anayolunu the new China, is to get up out of here. In doing so, of course, a guide is required. China tea (MARSYAS River) through the bridge or across in front of the less, Çineye Creek in a point closer to the stone-skipping stone.    either way, the first symptom of the ancient city with the North after a one-hour climb. Write here-drying, but the South China tea in winter (MARSYAS River) on both sides of a Creek bed approximately 91 cm. high Hellenistic period DID with the letters written by a rock. To the Northeast is going higher and higher, all the City Centre attractions uluşılır. This is completely with a curved Terrace wall Karia-style strut was supported with. 

  A group of works on the terrace are literally unique. The eyes are the first perfectly preserved together with the roof structure. This undoubtedly is a temple. Roof, wooden beams and stone in imitation of a flat is built of stone, with the DOOR ALINLIKTA ' GERGAS '. Source: CUTURAL, MULLET PRINCIPALLY INFRARED (KARİA) George BEAN-Translation: Pai-ARION BOW. DID calls himself appears to be simple but extraordinary architectural analysis of özgülüğü with a very interesting ancient settlements. The surrounding China tea (Marsyas) Valley surrounding ALİNDA, AMYZON, THASTHARA and HYLLARİMAnın, ALABANDA following the hard to reach back a little but DID we encounter many surprises and the surrounding area should be identified and their more serious should be protected our people.    Prof. Dr. Bilge Umar; Karia and Turkey Did in the books of Historical Names and the meaning of the name says; This name is Luwian language ' snow-KA ', the format is corrupted the word where the climax; says. Karianın Persian sovereignty in time all Iranians KAZMI. Location of Harrington Hall Hotel in the name of Almighty climax with now is the same as the origin and meaning of Gerganın mentioned. Likewise referred to in Hittite documents KARKİİA that is part of the name of the homeland of the Kayastha (a) KARKA, reflects the same origin and meaning. Çanakkaledeki MOUTHWASH in Troas (Küçükkuyu, Barbaros) GERGİS, GERGİTHİON the ancient cities of names is from the same root. IDA (Kaz) Mountain peaks is Gargaranın so Karkaura, the Almighty climax in his name is adaştır.. (Number)    Source: KARİA and the HISTORICAL NAMES in TURKEY books: Prof. Dr. Bilge UMAR-REVOLUTION.    

  China Tea, a wonder of nature from the South and natural way by following the passage of the mountain, Menderes Plain Ponce, South near Menderese (Maiandros, Luvicesi Amandra). MARSYAS; China Creek is the name of the ancient times. This name is actually from the Luwian language or BC. 1. comes from the local successor to the Carian language Millennium. Marsyasın MARSUWAdır fact ... MA-(a) (a)-uwa, Ma (Anatanrıça)--of use (where many spring source, halkapınar).    the story of Marsyas has a mythos name in your tea. The following are the main lines of this story.    ' Marsyas, Apollo with a CHAP playing the pipe contest entering this contest, the city was made the King of Midasın judging, and Midas, Marsyası won the contest. Shining God that girl, Midasın Marsyasın other uzattıktan, such as donkey ears their ears and skin yüzdürmüş, skin that was hung in a nearby place. '    the story of Marsyas, carving (sculpture) became a source of inspiration for a nice Sanatçılarına. This is something new the ancient carvings Museum GLYPTOTHEKde, Marsyası skin yüzülerek hanging from the arms of a statue that portrays the case about to be killed. This is a copy of the statue of a Roman work.. Immediately the same cool person, now exhibited in the İstanbul Archaeological Museum.    Source: Karia-Prof. Dr. Bilge URUMAR-İnkilap.yay. p. 267    Historical geography of Anatolia 1-Prof. Dr. Veli SEVİN-Turkish historical society.        




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