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Heraklia Ancient City

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Antikkent İlan Açıklaması

  The ancient city of Herakleia is reached via a road separating from the Çamiçi Beldesi on the Milas - Söke highway. Kent is staying in today's Kapıkırı Village, Milasa is 39 km. Kent has the Latmos Bay, an extension of the Aegean Sea in antiquity. However, the resultant bay, which was filled with alluviums brought by the Menderes River, turned into the present Bafa Lake.
The city is named Heraclesten, the famous mythological hero. B.C. In the 8th century, Latmos was named, but during the time of Persians, Karia passed through the Satrabi Mausoleum. The end of the Iskenderun Asia campaign was linked to the sovereignty of the Iskender Empire, later the Seleucids. B.C. With the loss of its former importance on the interception of the sea in the 1st century, Herakleia became a hiding place for Christian monks due to the difficulty in transportation. 

  Heraclia latmus Built on a very rugged and rocky terrain, the ancient city is reinforced with 65 towers around 6.5 km. It is surrounded by fortification in its length. The walls of the fortress, which had regular rectangular and square stone work, were built during the Hellenistic period. Herakleia, which is ruled according to the Hippodamos city plan, is one of the best examples of the street plan and the grid-shaped parcel that cuts each other perpendicularly.

  The Temple of Athena, located on the rocky terrain behind the harbor, is one of the best preserved structures in the city. It is a two-columned Hellenistic Age structure in the style of Templum in Antis. The agora at the east of the Athena Tapinagin is two storeys, and today the first one survives. The places of the ages in the ages and the hans are unknown. The walls on the south side show very nice stone workmanship. The plan is rectangular and is surrounded by porticos.

The cornered 'U' planned structure at the east of Agora is Bouleterion. The north eastern perimeter walls are in good condition. The theater is located in the north east of the city. With the walls belonging to the Skene building, the seating positions of the 1st cave can be seen. The apseidal sellasi and pronaos of the Endymion Sanctuary, located on the coast of the city and on the side of the road leading to the island, can be seen. 

  According to mythology the beautiful Goddess Endymion, the shepherd of the Moon Goddess Selene Latmos Mountains falls in love and condemns him to eternal sleep. There are many monasteries in the Adacklands in Lake Bafa and in the rocks of the Mount of Latmos. The priests from Sina Peninsula and Greek They built the first monastery in the 7th century. There are 13 monasteries according to the researches made.

The most famous of these are the Yediler, Stylos, Soteros, Menet Island, Twilight Islands, and Coffee Monastery monasteries. During the Byzantine Period, a castle was built on the edge of Lake Bafa to protect the monasteries. Ayrica monasteries have many caves or rugs that monks scattered around have been living alone. Inside the monuments are decorated with rich frescoes. The frescoes that decorate the ceilings and walls of these wreath-things depict Isanin's life, Maryam and saints. Surveys carried out by the German Anneliese PESCHLOW in the Ancient City of Heracles continue every year. 

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