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Harpasa Ancient City

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  Harpasa, the ancient city of Aydın province, in Nazilli Township is located within the boundaries of the Hyde. The city is built on a high Hill, is an old Carian town. The city is surrounded by walls that can still be seen today around. The most important surviving building of ancient city, situated at the foot of the modern settlement, Esenköy new theatre is at the bottom of the water tank. The layout of the city is at its highest. The plan of the ancient city on to the end of the 1990s, research studies, Prof. Dr. Ender Varinlioğlu made by a French team, headed by urban research remained limited. on the outskirts of the ancient city of    Harpasa, Esenköy (Department) Village situated inside shelters district, 16 die, 1194-1195-1196-1197-1198 with parcel numbers, Department of Gentlemen Host, Towers, baths, fountain pool and other outbuildings, İzmir No. II, cultural and natural heritage protection Board of 23.3.1988 has been registered with the date and resolution 171.

Department of Guys Mansion, 18. century Ayanlık period. The most important architectural structures in the Department set the gentlemen host, on the outskirts of the Ancient City, which is located Hisartepenin and Harpasa Abraham Koca Sinan built the prevailing position. Organization, a portion of which was built in the form of ruins consists of structs. These include the huge skirts supported with walls, buttresses later collapsed in a castle. 

  Buttressed wall marks that are similar to the West and South parts of the mansion still stands. It remains here for the presence of an old courtyard surrounded by a fortified wall. A tower rising behind the Castle, the farm owners facing House with the Centre. The tower is located on the first floor of the House the façade facing the stone stairs to the front door. At the top of the door to the bridge, a pick owned previously used Roller docks. Decremented when a platform based on the ground floor of the House, sitting on the stone for the bridge was directly put herself to the Tower of the House. The bridge in question did not reach to the present day. On the ground floor of the Tower, which is completely closed exporting Constitutionalist period used as a Dungeon. The first floor and the top floor of a wooden stairs.

This fold plain Minister barred Windows, seating benches, cabinets and as a living space with gypsum quarry. Side apparently added later in a domed small baths. Osman    Mansion owners, according to information received from the Department, Tower II. Mahmud is timely, if reason for departing for Rhodes, and ıslahata by and Rhodes sent Pilgrims Ha which were built some 20 Greek master. If you're possibly Pilgrim Ha Bey do not repair with the construction of the tower. NI in 1830 by surrounding the Tower of Kel Mehmet who set fire to. The tower is 1830lardan after repair marks.    

  The gentleman's house, standing in front of the old house, is a beautiful provincial structure that reflects the characteristics of the 19th century style with its motif wood workmanship and motifs on the embroidered ceilings. Due to its decorative features, it must have been made during the repair of the kulan.

 The Arpaz Beyler Mansion, which has survived to such a large extent as the sun, has been examined at the mansion by the consent of the heirs and the initiative of the Aydin Provincial Assembly in order to ensure the renovation of the building and the renovation of the building and the conquest of the building. However, due to the large number of heirs and the approval of all of them, Not done. In the case of private property of this type, it must first be approved by all heirs.

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