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Labraunda Ancient City

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  The sanctuary of Zeus Labranda Labraundosun, old Kariada (South-west Anatolia), is bound to Mylasa (Milas) 14 km North East of the city. the oldest finds nearly 600 years    Bc. 6. and 5. in century-old sanctuary, later used as an artificial small single temple terrace consisted of fix. 497de has been a sacred area of the war and the army of the Persian army with Karia Miletlilerle allies.

Bc 4. yy. It is the most important period of the temple. Mausolus (377-352 Bc) and they İdrieus (351-344 Bc), satrap in time it has gained a new look. 355de Labrandadaki-year-old victim in a assassination against him Mausolus feasting at the last moment. Here, a series of artificial terraces, one or two entrance building, a small Doric building (possibly the fountain is building), the monumental staircase, two spacious banquet hall (andron), porticoed structure (called oikoi building), the Temple of Zeus-like structures surrounded by colonnaded Stoa and after this incident must be made. 344de İdrieusun the death of such studies. A.d. 4. century, a large fire disaster that occurred due to the cult sanctuary.

excavations Here in 1948, was started by A.W. Persson of Uppsala University and continuing at intervals since then. Current excavations are carried out by p. Hellström.

  It is 8 m to the sanctuary. It was reached by the sacred road which is wide. The tracks on this road can still be seen today. The area was passed by one of the two entrance basins (propylon). They were made of Milas marble, two columns, impressive gate doors carrying the Ionic pediments on both sides.

The building, called 'the Dorian Building', is located immediately east of the southern propylon building due to its irregularly close rectangular formation. It is a Dor-style building with a north-facing, four-column, front courtyard marble facade. Certainly it was a fountain building. In the Roman period this small building was included in the bath house.

200 m from the sanctuary. West of the city, and a stadium reinforced by a retaining wall behind it. The starting and ending stones of the races are still present at both ends. During the 5-day feast in the holy place, some races must have been organized here as well.

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