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Kindye Ancient City

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  Kindye, near Milas, is a hill between the Kemikler and Üçpınar villagers. Professor who has done a very thorough research on the root of the names of historical towns in Anadolu. Bilge Umar Kinda suggests that the word 'Kinduwa' means 'holy place' as its root. Kelimenin argues that this is the city of 'Khinduwa' in the Hittite documents, taking into account its similarity with the 'Kanda-Sanda' used only for Mother Goddess and Artemis. This name was later Hellenized and named Kindye.

Knowledge about Kindye, an Artemis Kindyas temple townhouse, is very insufficient. According to Herodotos BC At the beginning of the 5th century BC (499-494 BC), Piksodoros dominated the Ionia's uprisings against the Persians, when Persians entered Karia. In Herodotus's book.

  “... When you walk onto the carians from Parion Daurises Paisos İonia tariff complying with Perseus against which they received the news. Upon returning from the Hellespont and carians. Coincidence that he brought the arrival of Karia 'lırak news ... ... Marsyas River bordering the White Poles gathered at a place called. The Parliament was put forward many opinions Karia 'lılarn.. ... Cilicia's King Syennesis's daughter Kindye who married one of the time Hasan saw his son Mausolus with Pixodaros. The thought of this man turned his back on the pass, giving the river Maiandros, I mean the ability to escape by leaving those benefiting from Caria to go to war and to the end of the dayanmaktı.

But they wouldn't listen. " was established under the leadership of Athens, Attica     -paying Deniz Delos, Union City's Kindye has.

Kindye surveys and excavation has been done in the city is very insufficient information. However, the castle ruins and tumulus of the West with some concrete will come out of the data. The location of the Temple of Artemis Kindyas Milâs-Bodrum by closing itself as well as at the top of a hill at the head of the plain, the city is high. But excavation has been done, so this is not any remains of which are from the temple. 300 years of the city of BC, sönükleşmiş and Bargylia has become a quarter. 

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