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Tralleis Ancient City

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   The ancient city of Aydın province north of tralleis, chestnut mountain is located on the south slope of the plateau. The city, about 1 km from the city center, was founded by the people of Argos and Tralleis. Menderes kurlmuş upon which these fertile lands of basin city by Alexander in 334 BC after the Hellenistic kingdoms changed hands frequently between.

the only structure left standing today in Tralleis three Eyes called 2. century had been made of the ancient age, education, sports and culture are leading in terms of structure is the remains of gymnasiuma. A Roman baths, the theatre, the agora, the stadium of the city. Ongoing excavations also revealed the city's buried parts. Known in antiquity as it produces leather and red-colored pottery is known for its two large sculptures Tauriskos Apollonios and cities, master architect of Hagia Sophia, and the Anthemios of. Sculpture of the world-famous statue of the Farnese and the Young Athlete named two sculptures are great uncovered of Tralleis.

ancient sources and archaeological documents Tralleis, sometimes as Trallais – kent, Aydın province, in the foothills of South Mountain (Chestnut) Mesogis Thracians and Argos by Dor after migration (13th century Bc). The word originated Tralla luwi language of Helen ... with the addition of takısının, meaning people of the Romans – eis is derived. Tralla means the people of kent.

Tralleis written about Apollonios from Aphrodisias ' Fairy Tralleon, (Tralleis) Egyptian Kristodoros Tralleon of Patria (Tralleislerin) are at the ancient works. Unfortunately not addressed. Last century, Sultan and that research in the area. A. Thomas Tralleis have researched the history of. Although the history of Chalcolithic age biphasic defibrillator until da Tralleis Heredotos who is mentioned in the works of and does not accept any Thukydides. Written by Helenika the first time is mentioned in Ksenophon Anabasis and Tralleis, Late archaic and early classical periods, connected to a control in the Persian Satrap Cyrus Young first, then depending on the Persians at the close of the Carian Satrap. 

  Tralleis 334 Bc Alexander the great in campaign against the Persians in Anatolia to battle of Magnesia and surrendered without a fight with Nysa. Then after the fight Diadokhalar Tralleis Seleucid Kingdom was compelled to Empire for a long time. I. Antiochus (280-261) Menderes River to secure the main road that runs along the city of Tralleis founded again. The name of the sanctuary city 4 BC. century, the Spartan army was strong enough to resist them. BC 3. even a limited autonomy, attaining the 4th century b.c. bronze coins were issued. The peace after the Apameia in 188 Bc tralleis Roman control. It was founded by the Romans and bilateral agreements between Tralleis, cities such as Ephesus and Lee542 II. Eumenes (197-160 Bc) led the Roman Kingdom was a gift.

Tralleis especially during this period of their economies at the Summit, considered well qualified and valuable indication Cistophorlar breaking up. The city is connected to the Roman Empire officially since 133 Bc. Vitrivius and Pliny, the Seleucid Kingdom was compelled to Attaloslar after the brick Palace by mentioning, this Palace was the home of the Larasios priest of Zeus that doesn't have yet is the place on the Mesogis Mountains Larasios Zeus Temple Tralleis coinage depicted, too. View famous sculpted of Apollonis and Ken Tauriskos grew up and important artifacts in this period.

Roman Empire after they do not maintain the same cultural productivity rapidly King of Pontus Mithradates Tralleis, Warrior and attempts to pay for it has seen five years of paying heavy taxes. When Octavian, Caesar again and m. Antonius bloomed shining Tralleis's increase in the importance of the role of the author has been Pythodoros originated from Nysa.

27-24 big earthquakes between the years Bc damaged the city with the help of Augustus at Caesarea from this period. The most beautiful times of Caligula, Claudius and original and copy in Tralleis carving examples. Under the Byzantine domination the city an important Episcopal Centre 13. century have passed into the hands of the Seljuks in Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods, the city has lost a lot of importance in ancient times. Today, the only surviving structure Tralleisten, Bc 3. yy is a gymnasiona belonging to vaulted remains dated to. 

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