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Didyma Ancient City

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  The ancient Ionia (Ionia) consisted of 12 cities. These are Miletos, Priene, Melia, Myus, Ephesos, Colophon, Lebedos, Teos Klazomenai, Phokaia, Khios and Erythraidir. One of the two most important cities of Ionian, the Miletans (the other Ephesus) is from the word 'Didyma', which means the Greek 'twin sister' for the name of the god Apollonian island Didim.

Temple of Ephesus Artemis and Didymada are the temple of Artemisin's twin brother Apollo. Apollo paganist is a god of faith in the sun, prophecy, music and art. According to the legend, God Apollon, Didymade shepherd Brankhosa came to him, and he liked him very much and gave him the secrets of his miracle (prophecy). Brankhos built the Temple of Apollo in the place where the bay forest and the water source that he encountered were located.

  Later, people from the line of Brankhos are referred to as 'Brankitler' and the temple is ruled. It was even called Didme 'Brankhidai'. Later, the Miletos made a giant temple in the name of the god Apollo in Didymada. They also built a Sacred Way to reach this temple. The gigantic Temple of Apollo has made Didymay the center of ancient antiquity.

In the middle of April-May, the convoy formed to join the Miletos of Didymadaki, reached religious festivals in four days giving religious ceremonies and breaks in the so-called stations. Before entering Didym, they were waiting in the sanctuary of Artemis, next to the temple. The Sacred Way was 24 km long and 6 m wide. Both sides were surrounded by Brankhos and lion sculptors. In 1858 a British named Newton took most of these sculptures to the British Museum.

  Today, a great part of the Sacred Way is underground. The Miletos architecture was of great importance and the scale of the Temple of Apollo was so great in response to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, that it was not enough to finish the temple completely, neither the Miletos, nor the Great, nor the Romans. It is one of the three largest temples of the Hellenistic period, along with the Apollo Temple Artemision and the Hera Temple in Sisam. The temple measures 109x51 meters.

The inner part of the cult statue, the naos or cella area, is 53x21 meters in size. The temple was surrounded by a column of 120 ions of 19.5 meters in length. Today only three of them are standing.

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