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Miletos Ancient City

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Antikkent İlan Açıklaması

  Genius and the ancient theatre kalıntılarıMilet (classical Greek: Μίλητος, Miletos and Latin Miletus) West of Anatolia, the Aegean region (the classical name Meander) Büyük Menderes River immediately close her mouth is an ancient port city on the shores of the sea. Now Aydınin Scott 5 km north of Akköyun and Balat in the accident near the village of harebe is a port in Büyük Menderes filled about 10 km by the sea is on the inside.

History    Polished Stone age

Miletin is known to the campus since the stone age. But Madden and found around islands in the stone age, there is no archaeological evidence about the living and the rise of the water of the Aegean Sea, this Large, mullet principally referred several times to change his mouth. According to the information obtained with the archaeological research is 3500-3000 years BC in Miletus was originally polished stone of yaşıyanların has been a campus.

Lake Bafa in the drilling samples taken from the bottom of the pollen count in the Büyük Menderes Valley, according to Miletden longer çayırsal the areas of deciduous tree-lined fields and polished stone age provides livestock for conformity to campuses. Polished stone age settlements close to the water resources, strategic as well that can be protected (for example high cliff tops on the beach and on the edge of the Büyük Menderes) is located on the shores of the island, in livestock and seafood, geçindikleri.

Bronze age Crete, Minoa relationships    Miletde Bronze Age archaeological remains are taken around 1900 BC, trade with Crete Minoa produced by bronze ware of the civilization. It issued, depending on the outcome, Miletus in this day and age, not with the Interior of Anatolia, on the night of the relationships developed with the Aegean. According to the legend of the ancient city of Miletus was the first city living has over Crete. Very famous in Roman times lived (born 63/64 BC – MS 24) is a Greek geografyacısı according to Straboya 

  Ephorus reported that: Miletusun close to where you are, from the sea for the first time in a pretty high hill position was established and a campus that they by the Cretans by arbitration. I used to various nationalities by the Neolithic and the Miletus now in their hands is an excellent choice for land, brought the city established by the old Cretans Sarpedon colonists, he founded a new city, and is named in memory of this newly established city Miletus. Unlike other ancient cities,    as Miletus as old classic historians and geographers, the establishment of the city as more colorful legends specific Nokia device model.

Hittite period    the Miletus is mentioned for the first time in late Bronze period archaeological resources whether they are Hittite sources. It's written documents from the city of Miletus confirms a Hittite city at the time. On the other hand, the ramparts of the city of Miletus and other Hittite fortified cities were built according to plan. first name Miletus    Date detected written document with the name of the Hittite King of the city of Millawanda Miletin II. Murisilinin vakaname.

About Arzawalı 1320de Milliwanda BC city has shown support to the rebellion of Uhha-Zit. II. the Murisili generals Mala-Ziti and [Gulla]] or Milliwandaya ordered them to attack and some parts of the city during their offensive. Genius and the archaeological excavation finds the remains of a massive fire that time confirms that genius and multiples.    in the archives of the Hittite Boğazköy Miletus as dates fully undetectable cuneiform documents management systems are also found. The name of this portrait in Miletus in different forms (Atriya was, Milwata). 

  The manapa-Tarhunta letter according to the Tawagalawa letter serial letters in Milawatanın the name of Governor Atpa, which is under the administration of Governor Ahhiyawa (Ahhiyawanin is thought to have been Mycenaean Greek State). The same according to the letter, and a city named Atpanın under Milawatadaki Records. The manapa-Tarhunta letter and the letter referred to the name of another in a series of Atpa. This letter was interested in the main event after many adventures from a thug named Milawataya's Pajama-Radu, Atpa Manapa in front of-Tarhuntayı that has embarrassed a lot of promises; This letter by bitching about that. Milawantaya a Hittite King of chased until the child is Pajama-Raduyu view. The Tawagalawa letter is this thug line, providing them according to the law by the judiciary is required.

Milwata letters refer to the second series as Mmessage. According to this series the Hittite King and King of the Luwi him subset (probably Kupanta-Kurunta Madi) together with a Milwata time. This is believed to be the new Hittite Milwatanin Miletusun name. According to this letter is Milwata and is written in the Hittite Records of that time is past.

In ancient times    Miletde according to the first inhabitants of the Greek works Carians and Leleglerdir. Homerin says was a Carian city Miletus during the Trojan war. By the end of the war the Citadel Pylosda Trova in Miletden here ' miles [w] atiai '-born women prisoners are also specified.    the end of the Bronze period resulting from the sea peoples (the Hyksos in Egypt), suffered hurt and flashes again with immigration Miletin collapsed.   

  Heraklidlerin in the dark ages of Greek upon their return to the historical legend says that the presence of the new Yunanistandan according to Anatolia, they come and they are Greek-speaking colonists Ionian people. According to the legend of the city of Miletus, son of Neleus came at the beginning of Athenian colonists Kodruun Milete and Madden men kill them all their wives as a colony take Mmessage. According to the legend, Madden was like that and women with new husbands are a decided to sit at the table. an independent city in the ancient Greek era,    is a descendant of Neleus before they came from Miletus who claim to have been governed by a King; The aristocratic nobility, who run the city after 800den BC. BC 687den itabaren as single shape handle, tyrant of the city absolute administrator, dictators. The city of Miletus in Anatolia which was established by the city of twelve Ionian Ionian League member. BC 8. one of the Ionian cities participating in the Savaşlarıa century Lelantin Miletti. founded as a colony of Miletus    Herself BC 6. during the first half of the 20th century has evolved into the center of a maritime Empire. Miletus, in Trabzon, on the Black Sea coast, Sinop and Slaughter, including yourself, by setting up an amazing 90 pieces, depending on the colony city parts which reach power.

Klasik Greece while developing newer, İyonyada off the coast of Miletus the central position, all of a sudden, it's an art, science and philosophy as the center of the Flash. Ancient Greek civilization and progress is reported in science started Milet ekolu through. Many of the classical era is a famous scholars of nature between Thales of Miletus, Mehmood, [[first mentioned], and Hecataeus.

Thales 582de Bc to calculate in advance the Eclipse in astronomy and geometry have produced new theories; Ahmed tried to explain a way of life; First mentioned in God not based on universal laws to the stones is the goose; Hecataeus corafyada showed superiority. Is occurring parallel to each other and perpendicular to each other off the streets but blocks such as a grid that reveals new city planning system was developed by the city planner, Hyppodamos of Miletus; After the Roman Empire and especially the army applied Milete Center and founded the colony of members of the army have been implemented in the new city. 


  Madden and other cities of Miletus Lidyanın Kralığı Lydia the Lydian King and private intercourse with the development; but BC 547-546da Akimenit Kroesus Persian Empire once defeated the Lydian King came under Persian administration. In 502 BC, the Persians began against the tyranny of Nakse Island İsyaninina Ionia Miletus Aristagoras before the Persians began to Nakse Island to help attack; But if this candidate is the leader of the rebellion against the Persians success getting handled. The Persians burn down this revolt was suppressed very violently and Mmessage tear heavy cezalandırmışlardır. All Greece and Ionia it. For example, one year after Atinada a writer to put on stage a game called memorandum of introduction Miletin, the author of the game, suffering heavy losses, reminder sh were fined with.

479da Yunanliların BC the Persians in the battle of Mycale (Samsun) against sea prevailed after the Greece peninsula and the Ionian (Meanwhile Madden) from Persian influence again. During this period, Miletus, Athens is a high class prostitute mistress statesman Periklesin Aspasianın and Greek literature is already open in little jokes and recognized as the author of the motion-filled games Aristidesin birth place. The same age Miletus according to urban planning theory Hippodamos again. But under the Persian Administration again Miletus after 403den BC and Bc 4. century, the Persians were led by Kariya connected to Satrapları.    Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods    304de when the big MO Miletus İs the sender by the hands of Persia. Kenderin 313de BC after the death of big Is Antigones and 301de BC Selevkid are. 188de BC, Miletus was gained its independence again. But the King of Pergamon to the Romans country MO 133de recently inherited as a left Ro Miletus after connection is connected to.

Romanin Republican and Imperial periods Miletus in the province of Asia, which is the city centre has been part of chance's picture page. Nowadays it belongs to the Roman Period remains to be seen. 15,000 spectators can take theatre, Anatolia's largest Roman baths and Faustina H to, amazing sized Agoralar (bazaars) Miletin splendor. the main book of the Bible that    Captain ... don't blame yourself was fulfilled Ali in his books a couple of times the name Miletin. Tait Evliya Paulun MS 57de third missionary trip to sit in front of the statue of St. Efesten from genius and Port Paulun early Christian leaders talk with them there have bid farewell to. St. Paul and then MS 65/66da Mmessage. 

  Emperor Diocletianin MS 297de yörel according to the Roman city of Miletus the central administration reform Deacon of Asiana and Ephesus still the same city-based Asia State. Roman İmpartorluğunun as long under the General Administration of the State lost their importance of decentralized city. But it is an important port city Miletus this process is much slower compared to other Asian province city. view from the Roman Emperor    boldugu in half the Big Kons when Miletus due to the position of administration of the Eastern Roman Byzantine Emperor. Hristiyanligin olamasının Konstantinoplis with Great acceptance with the official religion is connected to Konstantin Patrikine. Genius and a Christian was established dioceses. While in the Byzantine Empire and Miletus because it does not have significant Administration Center as well as the importance of the city due to be filled by the Büyük Menderes decreased and the city continued to shrink as they went. Thus City open air theatre, located behind the Palatia referred to by the name of the Byzantine castle around the camera and should be judged accordingly.

11. century, they began to occupy Anatolia the Seljuks and Thompson have begun to settle immigrants and the Aegean coastline. The Seljuks in time was used as a port for the port of Miletus Venediklilerle trade again. First Crusade Seferinden later in the hands of the Aegean coast.    the Seljuks at the battle of Köse Dağ Moguls is defeated and starts to fall apart in the States of the hands known Sons Miletin Hinge.    devamn use the port of Miletus Eventually he last Eliminated hand. [edit] you princes, ec got the hinges of a mosque, madrasa and İlyas Bey Genius built a kulliye But abandoned the ruins of the city of Miletus in the port cardinal obligations today have remained inside as 10 km from the seaside. But it's still a Bay as the name Balat (Palatiadan no offense) in the dark.    Genius and a Holy Path Ionic stoa archaeological excavations and wastes. Miletde the first archaeological excavations were made by the French archaeologist Olivier Rayet in 1873, and it was followed by the German archaeologist Theodor Wiegandın made excavations. But excavations have always submitted; they and other reasons from time to time warfare has accent. Currently, genius and the excavation is organized by the Ruhr-University Bochum Germany Bochumdaki. 

  Berlin Bergama Museum Sunday, Kapısı20 Of Miletus. at the beginning of the century, Theodor Wiegand drawing & art research and excavation in belonging to the Hellenistic and Roman era works of Genius are as follows:   


the City Senate meeting room. It's going to take capacity 1,500 people.

South Agora:

This Sunday instead of dividing the input made Memorial at the entrance parts of Berlin.


Heykellerle adorned marble three-story public pool and fountain    The West Agora: next to the Temple of Athena in      


Apollo Delphinios Temple and for refuge. The town's main temple. This temple is surrounded by a high wall that bomb shelter. Helistik in the middle of the cycle in memory of a hero a round from anit-in the building (heroon)   


230 m length 74 m width is in a land of duz old buildings on the areas surrounding belts belt to the audience in the seats with. Faustina Bath:

Roman period (MS. 161-180) the Roman Emperor Marcus Aureliusun's wife Faustina was built with money given by.    Other works are as follows:    Roman Baths:    BC 1. in the twelfth century; open-top athletic exercise for a pleastra and a large courtyard around 5 large rooms and consists of some small room.


15,000 people. BC 4. made in the twelfth century; Genişletilmis in the Hellenistic period and the Roman period the present shape. 140 m is in the form of a half circle around the audience seating is on the South side of a Hill are on the upper floors of the theater of the city 4 also seen; Introduction to a height of 30 m in front of the now ruined and backstage and but now quite a scene.   

The Temple of Athena:

BC 5. century is an Lonic Temple and Memorial in a procedure. It is the oldest building of the city.    The Holy Path:

This Street except for 100 m length and construction 28 m width. The paving stones have been repaired in the time of Roman Emperor Trajan.   

The Holy Door:   

known as iron doors; City defense gate opens onto the road is Holy. 5 BC. whether the 21st century Roman Emperor Trajan (MS. 98-117) has been restored in a timely manner.  

Port Monument: 

  The naval battle of Actium is commemorating made 31de BC and is a half human, half fish into Triton röliyefi.   

Other worship buildings:   

kozmoplit life historical importance and on various historical places of worship:   


Ptolemi dynasty in Egypt is the official religion of ancient Egypt gods and worship the traditions and customs of de içerlemektedir. BC 3. century basilika is made according to plan a three column drilling machine in front of the monumental Gate's profile is written in Dutch. The Temple of Asclepius. Health for the temple. Buleuterionun is located right next to the building. Two small hills to the North of the tomb of the Synagogue: Port   .   

Byzantine churches:   

Roman baths South of Bishop Palace and next to the Byzantine Church. Delphinium with high walls still partly restored Byzantine Church. Nimfaeumnin a large abscess just east of a large Byzantine Church with three internal occuring   

Ilyas Bey Mosque:

from the complex, which was built by the Hinge Gentleman İlyas Bey all remaining parts. The heaps of 200 m, 1 km from the Holy Way. One Minaret and only domes. Pulpit and altar made of beautiful workmanship. Walls and floors are covered with marble. Selcuk Empire collapse caused by small domains has lost understanding of İslam-in fact developed art Turk very good indicator.   

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Theodor Wiegand administered at the end of the German archaeological research and excavations monument to pillared streets, almost all of the way Sunday, the South Gate of Miletus stone pieces; stones have been moved to Germany and combined the build again. Pergamon Museum in Berlin this resplendent Antiquities are occurring in a private room.

Miletde found in many works abroad (especially the Paris Louvre Museum). Istanbul archaeological museum some artifacts unearthed at Miletten. Other important works of the next excavations since the Miletus Didyma, hide the 1963den Sweet Müzesiinde. 

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