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Aasos Ancient City

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  Iasos, Milasa 28 km away from a peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides within the Kiyikislacik Village. According to Argostan they came by and is said to have received the name Iasostan head of the colonists. 5 BC. century old sources, there is no information about İasos. While an island when it was founded in the City field is then filled and the isthmus where the island's Sea Island, he returned into the peninsula. Important structures belonging to the ancient city that is situated on the peninsula. Big sur, aqueducts, tombs with fish market called structure is located outside city walls. İasosda is the oldest settlement in the city excavations Bc 3. extends until the end of the ride.

Once upon a time gave a recital at the theatre, who visited the city. The fish market opened during this recital that States the Bell sound once everyone except old man that takes over your ear your hand, stormed the theater. Old man musicians ' me and my art to thank you for your respect; because they all went out in the audience heard the bells '. ' What? ' he cried hearing this, old man, ' Or Bell? ' Yes, why? ' ' Well, excuse me, Sir ... ' and disappeared. Soil fertility can not get this story Strabo polyurethane İasosluların tells to specify indulging with fishing. Iskenderin 334te Miletosu if you're trying to help the city, İasos, over the siege of the Persian naval donated a ship. Ten years after the Ekbatanda Festival, the Armory's Commander was a İasoslu named for Gorgos. The festival attracts İasoslu like to be loved by another Dolphin boy with a strange destiny.   

  After working at sea İasosta boys gimnasiumda yıkanmalari rage. In the meantime, ashore at Dolphin, one of the kids took on his back, he's taking to open, and then he left the shore. According to Alexander, who this story boy a anlatiya Babile packs 'em in the God of the sea Poseidonun priest. İasoslular this event, Bc 3. century issued coins at his back, arm floats depicting children in such a way that the Dolphin to have been impressed enough to give. There may be truth in the ancient city since 1960, Italian archaeological excavations regularly carry out such. These excavations uncovered many artifacts. One of them is filled in with an arched door pays careful attention to the Agora. Built during the Roman agora is surrounded on all four sides of the portico. Located in the South West of the Agora, bouleterion structure. the    is used as the flat-form City Council > Orchestra and the four ladder behind her is divided into three parts. The rows of seats supported by six vaults. The eastern corner of the Agora, 17 x 13 m in front of the pillared rectangular structure is defined as Caesareon. Agora excavations in the resulting finds Middle Bronze Çagına. Agora according to the inscription of the stoa wrapped around A.d. 130 years. The large flat area in the South West corner of the Agora, Artemis Astias Tapınaği. The theatre, located in the middle of the city, on the North-Eastern. The façade of the stage building of the theatre building is approximately 61 m.%.

Roman Period Hellenistic origin Theater nowadays can be seen in the renovation and plug-ins. The city's medieval castle situated at the highest and middle. It has a nearly square plan of the Castle, the walls of up to 2 m thick. Pretty solid structure into a cistern. Port land with approximately 850 m between the peninsula in length. Located at the mouth of the harbor Tower is a tower of the medieval structure of the breakwater. This is opposite to the other Tower collapsed. Between each tower in the chain used to distend take unwanted boats through the port.

  One city, one that protects the İasosta known as big sur and the second, to the Northwest of the city are a sur. The zone defense in the second defence of the city walls. About 3.5 km in length and was built with local stone. Height varies from place to place. Average 3.50 m regular tower was supported with an altitude of sur. Burying each type. In the agora, the city was used as a cemetery in the archaic period. Roman Cemetery, West slopes rock style made in the form of building tombs with rock-cut tombs. the most famous Tomb in the city among the people    the fish market is known as the Roman period Tomb. Portiklerle in the middle of a courtyard, the translated rectangle in front of a high podium façade rises a four-columned Corinthian Temple. In front of a large pronaosu, decorated walls and triplets on the outside Groove plasterli ante sellaya very little depth with Dennis was a stepping stone from giriliyordu. The burial chamber is carried from the podium with low column. Korundugu place has undertaken the function of bones must be small benches and niches on the walls bindirilmiştir.

consists of a long portico arch carried on plaster. Protected by the original vaulted roof is currently the western section. Fish market & tomb of the Ministry of culture, the circulating capital Directorate at the end of 1993, on the right an began to be restored and, as a result of the restoration work when Italian excavation team found in the excavations of İasos architectural pieces and other works on display in the gallery were completed with the monumental Tomb, the fish market in August 11, 1995 as the open-air museum was opened to visitors. Excavations of Iasos in 1960 by Prof. Dr. Doro LEVI is started by the Italian archaeological Mission headed by, currently Dr. Fede JOSH by continues. Agora:    Roman portico built in the agora is surrounded on all four sides.   

The Fish Market: 

  A little out of the city during the first excavation, this structure is, at the time, old fish was intended as a Market for trade. But later seized a Roman-era here with findings of the mausoleum. But maybe because of coming more romantic still referred to by that name. Until recently, used as an excavation store, with the support of the Italian delegation to the digging here is an open air museum. Because most of the time a guard could not be found at the entrance to the village of doing that is closed, although the important interests of one of the remote.   


South of the Agora is a rectangular format. Construction, İasosun Miletlilerin was MS control 1. It is based on the 18th century. Someone, on the north side of the building, and the other two on the front wall of the entry of the building conference room. Using a narrow passage from this section, rising East of the Agora is the archive. The final version of the Roman-era building Madden Bouleuterionuna. Today, the remains of the wall of the building, seating can be seen in some parts of the partition and indoor corridors.   

The Outer City Walls: starting a bit outside of the city of the first age,    and approximately 1.5 kilometres a completed ongoing sur, belongs to the front defense scheme.   

East Basilica:

located in the North-East   City. Foundations and columns can be seen. 5. at the end of the 14thcentury. The Basilica is located on the eastern entrance of the city to the North of the arch.   


located at the mouth of the harbor Tower    breakwater is a medieval tower. The Tower has collapsed in the anti. Between each tower in the chain used to distend take unwanted boats through the port.   


  Burying each type. The city is known as the agora in archaic cemetery. Rock-cut tombs in the Roman Cemetery with burial chambers in the West. the city's most grave, popularly known as the fish market, surrounded by four as well as porches, Roman Tomb. All the architectural houses Italian restoration specialists of the tomb was restored. Structure in 1995 as ' Fish Market open air museum '.    The Middle Age Castle: view    Ken is right in the Centre at the highest and.   

City walls:   

in the city, known as the city of Big sur has approximately 3500 two sur m. second sur regional blocks for the defense of the city with area defence.    Theatre: located in the middle of the North    City on the eastern slopes. Nowadays, in the era of Rome's Hellenistic period Theatre renovations and Add-ons can be seen. Contour oversized stone mortar was constructed on the site of a section of the theater so inclined. Twenty one is made of white marble stairs queues are all and fairly intact.   

Dolphin And Boy:   

Historian George Beanin Karia wrote in his book; Alexander the great interest in other İasoslu, such as having a chance to be loved by Dolphin boy lines, the people of the sea and fishing are integrated İasos best describes how. Both domestic and foreign tourists attracting big dolphin and Boy story, İasosta spoken of for centuries, being transferred from ear to ear. Event, İasosta that male children after working at sea in addition takes the tradition of days washing anyway. Children at sea yıkanırlarken, one of an upcoming Dolphin back to shore. Open with the boy to a dolphin, after a while, the boy leaves the coast again. Hearing this, Alexander's plan and the sea God Poseidonun priest child Babile. Here is a legend about this: A dolphin, calls her mother's lap, circulating Hermiyası sea. Kid jumps into the sea following this call. All the sea fishermen say they saw Hermiyası to her mother, but she's still waiting for her child at the seaside. 


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