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Alinda Ancient City

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Antikkent İlan Açıklaması

  Mayor Hayrettin Anmak'ın work on the way to the 2 thousand 700-year-old Alinda Antique City, which is located in the town of Aydin Karpuzlu, started to give results. Archaeologist from the Academy of Sciences of Austria, who came to Karpuzlu. Peter Ruggendorfer visited the Alinda Antique City for his excavations at Mayor Hayrettin Anmaki.

 Archaeologist about the ancient city Anmak, who gave information on Ruggendorf, said that he believed that the fate of the city would change as the ancient city came to the surface as soon as possible.

Indicating that Karpuzlun has developed day by day with agriculture, animal husbandry and agriculture based industries, President Anmak said that they wanted to become a tourism city beside agriculture. 'I believe that if the Alinda Antique City is taken out to the surface of the day, it will become a center of attraction for our city residents on the way to Mugla-Milas', he said.

  Anmak also noted that Alindan, which introduced the appearance of the Karpuzlun in the view of natural sites, should be excavated as soon as possible and Anmak Alindan, who stated that the minarets and negotiations with some universities were continuing in this regard, also stated that Turkey has the unique granite marble ancient city feature of the same time.
    The excavations were carried out by an archaeologist from the world-renowned Austrian Academy of Sciences. Peter Ruggendorfer, 'The first plan was to apply for permission to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for surveys and we think that the student will respond very positively in the near future.In the beginning of the excavations in Alinda Antique City, And that it will be the center of historical tourism, and at the same time, it will shed light on the history of science on the traces of a civilization living here for a while, 'said Austrian Academy of Sciences and Ruggendorf.    

  After the visit, President Anmak and the archaeologist Dr. Peter Ruggendorfer visits the ancient city.
Nothing is known about the capital city of Alindan, which is a completely Karia settlement center. The first and almost single appearance of the city in history is associated with the moussoul brother, Queen Ada. Milat First in about 340 years, his brother
The island, which was shattered by    and driven to Alinda, continued to maintain its reign in part, though. Meanwhile, this expectation of the queen waiting to catch the opportunity to regain the throne did not last very long. When Alexander the Great came to Kari, Ada went to see him and proposed to surrender Alinday and help him against his brother. It was reported that both the theater and the splendid market structure in the Alinda Antique City were built in the Hellenistic period, and the most common type of silver coins, Heracles, were also found. 

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