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Euromos Ancient City

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Antikkent İlan Açıklaması

  On the way to Milas from söke Milas Euromos 12 km on the outskirts of the ancient city of Kimiko Hill remain. Euromos reached the most effortless in the ancient cities of the ancient city of İzmir-Milas, the ancient city on the route runs through the road, just off the main road of the majestic temple to 200 meters. Stairs lead up to the base of the temple has survived to the present day was destroyed a few leading up the column in position and size of the temple even when you have your wits about you. All of the temple with the fallen column heads for lovers of interesting photos at sunset silhouette. In the 2nd century a.d., the Corinthian order on the front and back of the 6 sides 11-column, 14.40 × 26.80 m From Zeus, built a large part of grass surrounded by other Euromos Theatre ruins, city walls, tombs and the city Agora, some sarcophagi can be seen.    Euromosdan Plinius mentions "Eurorome". URM.Ö.VIII.yy.dan since the settlement of kent, although far from the sea, led by Athens, Attika-Delos naval unit "Hyromos" and "Kyromos". The name of this ancient language scientists are a means, not being Kyromos. Bilge Umar the name "mother superior" or "supreme deity" Karama "which means" people of the word, accounts receivable. 

  The excavations in Euromos and the architectural pieces found in the researches show that the pottery exists in the ancient settlement VI.yy. By the way, it is thought that 'Hyromos' unda Euromos is the name on the Tribut lists. Information about the history of the city before the Hellenistic period is very inadequate. The city was invaded by Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, between 20-19 BC. However, even if Apameia Peace (188 BC) and Rhodes' forces came to Karia, they were forced to make an alliance with Mylasa. Her neighbor, who was uncomfortable with this deal, was attacked by Herakleia and all her possessions were seized. It is written that Euromos was merged with Mylasa. The city was decorated with buildings that gained importance in the Roman Empire period and reached to the day. In the meantime, the city that Zeus' picture, which he represses, is widely known as the city.

  The most famous surviving structure of euromos God Zeus is dedicated to the Temple of Zeus Lersyonos. In the time of Roman emperor Hadrian (a.d. 117-138), outside of the ancient city at the foot of the hill called the temple architecture made Kidd way has many features. A large part of the columns are due to the present day as the locals "Pedestal". Are the best preserved Temple of Anatolia, is on the edge of this structure in the short 6 Corinthian nizam, long edge is thin and delicate column 11, 14.40 x 26.80 m. abirami plânlıdır. Column with square base with the body of the plinth sits on top of. Each column is a separate person with square columns erected expectation by the frames had had their names in inscriptions erected by the writer. For example, the daughter of the famous physicians of that era Menekrates donated five columns with Tryhaina. In addition, Leo is also a statesman named Quints seven columns. An extremely careful masonry blocks one on top of the structure, as with their own weight without mortar. The back of the cella is off, a lot of depth in front of the Pronaos are the non-. Three-step and fasciae, the northern and Western stretches across the columns.    Labrayndios Temple is assigned to Zeus, in other words "Axe Zeus". The icon used as double-edged axe reliefs are most frequently in this area. On the South side of the temple exterior double mouth axe relief. At the Temple of euromos issued coins showing the statue of Zeus reliefs. Where Zeus on his chest just like a statue of Artemis in the Selçuk Museum, a symbol of fertility, similar to a breast. This view is another piece with a votive stelidir in Greece. Now in the British Museum, this may be seen in Zeus ' chest breast. 

  Prof. Dr. Ümit Serdaroğlu and Prof. Mükerrem Náfplion by doing research here and made the restoration of the monument today.    encompassing the hill behind the temple and Euromos, belongs to the Hellenistic and Roman period covering the pitch quite a few big sur. That's roughly 100 yards away from the temple walls are a light of a city wall, which connected round the elaborate horoscope. Search through the city's fortification in the North Slope advances, there are ruins of the Zodiac intermittently. A plain in the North wall descends, passes and a back road. In parallel to the road when it comes to the direction of the South after the initial connects with round tower. The city walls is filled in-the Ashlar stone rubble. Such walls are dated URM.Ö.III century a. Çevrek public to the North-East is olive call, a little further up the hillside located in recesses of Euromos theatre. Sitting pretty today destroyed that saw only five rows of the theatre remained level. A corner of the stage building infrastructure.    Theater with surrounded by Stoa and its Agora between today's Highway ' from parts. Agora is an almost square plan layout adjacent to each other in front of the shops, some of them standing in the column array rainys dor. On one of the columns in the STOA, there are quite some power to read the inscription. Here, Kallisthenos is a person named his financial benefits to the city and made the city of İasos friendship agreement. the existence of a second    West Stoa on the floor standing column piece of apparent indiscriminate are. Close to the Interstate, must be a large shapeless ruins probably Bath. 

  The city's Necropolis road on the edge of the pathway to the temple outside the area of the walls. There are tombs and burial pits Caria. Initially referred to as Kyromus or Hyromus, references to the 4th century BC, as the city's Euromos so Carian begins with Greek influences remain in. In terms of the importance of following the Milas Euromos, especially in the Hellenistic and Roman ages. in and around the Temple of Zeus, 1969    the research and excavations animal, horse carts, decorated with figures of flowers in terra cotta parts was the presence of the sanctuary of the temple is pointing at an earlier point.    Euromos Temple of Zeus, one of the best preserved Roman temples in Anatolia due to be worth a visit. The Temple of the Corinthian Sitilinde A.d. 2. dated to the 18th century. The temple was built during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. In ancient times the face of six short, long side 11 column is standing still the Temple of Euromos 16 milk. Some columns in the grooves of the unfinished shows the temple to be complete.    Temple visited in 1764 Richard Chandler, he thought he had found the city and the famous sanctuary of tapınağınını. 969 dug in this famous Temple of Euromos, Prof. Ümit Saravanan by has been restored. Western and Northern sides of the temple, many of the milk on the dedication inscription. Some of this stuff the same people by the immediate availability of inscriptions. In General, Gaius Octavius, presented by doctors this milk are still standing with all its glory. At the entrance of the temple was surrounded by a double row of great columns East. The cult statue in a niche in the Temple of about 1.60x2.30 m. containing entered were in place. The base of the altar of the temple, the cult statues are well-preserved. The temple can be visited along the way, it's easy.        


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