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Nysa Ancient City

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Antikkent İlan Açıklaması

  In the region of the ancient Carian city of Nysa, Aydin – Denizli Highway, 30 km east of Aydin Sultanhisar district located 3 km northwest of the city. NYSA of Augustus, and information about the famed Explorer and geographer Ahmd Strabo (63 BC – Ad 9) with historian Stephanos told of how we learn. It used to be called Caria region in Hellenistic era, Bc 3. during the first half of the century, the son of Seleucus i. Anthiochos Soter. as the two cities established a bridge    links the city. Here the theatre, the Gymnasium, the agora, tunnels etc are available.

In addition to the building in Roman times. The city was under Roman imperial rule, especially the cultural field has reached a critical point. Too steep a strait next to two buildings, streets and squares was supported with the vaulted substructure. If n is a famous in the field of education, especially in ancient city here and Strabo had seen in this city for training. The remains of the ancient city Gymnasium and Library comprise this training structures in Nysa. the Hellenistic city wall surrounding Nysa

Today belongs to, is not found any remains. But traces of Byzantine-era walls in places. Theatre in the Centre of the city, is the eastern slope is well preserved. Caveasının format exceeds half a circle a bit. NYSA is one of the most well preserved structure Bouleuterion. This structure Strabo Gerontikon (House of elders). Rectangular structure on the inside of the semicircular cavea (theatron). 

  NYSA, in ancient times, fast flowing and is split in two by a river, forming a deep throat. The city's three bridges located on this deep throat combines the two banks. To the West of the Creek divides the city gymnasium and stadium, the remains of the Byzantine structure in the North and northeast of the library the library, 10,000-seat theater. Two-storey library, Ephesus Celsus library in Anatolia's most well preserved after the ancient library. The stream bed is on the East side of the agora, the Parliament building and the Roman baths. Nekrapolü West of town on the way to the sanctuary of the ancient city Akharaka.

East of agora Bouleuterion. This is 89x105 meter dimensions, surrounded by four Pazaryeridir consisting of the salon as well as colon. Remains of a large building in the city, especially in young people's intellectual and physically trained sports structure is Gymnasiumdur. About 165x70 meters measure is smaller than in the time of Strabo in sizes. About 2 km in the necropolis of the ancient city in NYSA. Akharaka in the West (Salâvatlı) is on the Holy path.    rocky plateau in Nysa involving over the city from North to South divides are the widest of riverbeds has identified as Strabo on the Amphitheater and due to flood waters destroyed Stadium today. Approximately 192x44 meters is the size of the rows of seats were built on the natural terrain. 

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